Ibiza and the Press – Guest Blog by Paul Ambrose


Paul Ambrose (aka Pabs) started his overseas career in Corfu in 1992 and eventually found himself in Ibiza in 1996 working for several holiday companies along the way. He is a qualified ski and snowboard instructor and his summers are spent mainly on the water but he has also been known to do the odd bit of work at Ibiza Property Shop where he is a partner. 

Paul: As a long term resident of the Island I am often infuriated by the way the Island is portrayed in the British press. Today I read about the demise of the Island in the Evening Standard as the so called party set move to Mykonos to be replaced with health freaks!

What a load of Rubbish!

We seem to get one of these articles every month or so written by ill informed, lazy journalists, most of whom appear to never to have set foot on the Island.
This week it’s Mykonos, last year it was Croatia and next week it will probably be Scarborough! The rich have always had their party haunts but Ibiza’s appeal has always been that it attracts a more diverse audience, from Brits on the drink to the super rich. They have all partied together for many years. The rich are not leaving – in fact there are more than ever (the number of leggy Russian ‘workers’ in Lio and Pacha proves that!)

Who are these health freaks? Where do they hang out? If these are the future of the Island I think we are all screwed! Has Matutes missed a trick investing in Ushuaia and the Hard Rock Hotel? Maybe he should have opened a juice bar and a health food shop!  In the article there is a quote ‘You can pretty much get a green juice everywhere’??? Have these people been out in Ibiza or San Antonio? I can’t recall seeing it on the menu at Blue Marlin, never mind in the Boozer Bar at the top of the west end!

Can we please have an article about the real Ibiza. PA

Author: Paul Ambrose

Sunderland born and bred, BA Hons Car Design at Coventry University. Ski and snowboard instructor, in Ibiza since 1996. Partner at Ibiza Property Shop

4 thoughts on “Ibiza and the Press – Guest Blog by Paul Ambrose”

  1. Possibly it is you who needs to get out and about Paul. You can get juices in noth San An and on the bay…and for some unknown reason there are more health bars, cafes and shops on the island this year than ever before. Sta Eularia has had an explosion. Add to this the expansion of the original pioneers (passion cafe is to take over large premises in san jose village). Perhaps things are changing.

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  2. Ibizas diversity is what no other island or place can match….we have a mini benidorm/Magaluf here for sure…but also st tropez and everything in between…..so what if there are a large number of places where u can get juices?..this is just another example of Ibiza having more than one dimension, attracting entrepreneurism and pushing boundaries of people expectations


  3. Well said Paul. I find a lot of people I talk to about my trips to Ibiza think it is all about Brits abroad and stag/hen. They don’t seem to know about its beauty and sophisticated side. On our last visit in May we brought some friends out for their first time, they loved it and now want to live in Ibiza! Having said that I am going to Scarborough this weekend!

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