10 Reasons Why Ibiza 2022 will be Better than Ever

1. Demand: As the world gets back to normal and restrictions become a thing of the past, the pent up desire and demand to tick the boxes is off the scale and Ibiza as a world destination is top of many peoples to-do list so expect plenty of #YOLO & #Ibiza posts on your summer 2022 feed. Bring it on!

2. Hotels: WOW!!! Ibiza has had an awakening. Never in the history of the White Isle has so much money been spent on making your holiday ‘home’ into a luxurious, comfortable and interesting place to stay. From quirky concept hotels to uber decadent getaways to solid family pensions, the choice at the click of a mouse has never been so varied and luxurious

3. Clubs: The 2 year government imposed hiatus has come to an end and line ups are being announced. There’s the usual rumours, lies and hearsay but the planets are aligning and 2022 will be the year of the club comeback but expect it to be more quality less quantity. A beautiful island with the best nightlife in the world, hello!!

4. Food: Ibiza has experienced a big shift over the last 2 summers and restaurants came out of it better than most. The Island has always boasted some incredible restaurants but now some of the world’s best chefs see it as a showcase for their talent, not to mention a client base that is suitably disposed to fill their tables every night of the summer. If fancy food isn’t your thing don’t forget the delicious ‘menu del días’ (daily menus) served in most local restaurants where 3 courses and wine will cost you less than a starter in top end eateries. It’s all about options! Check out the Menu del Dia app for more details

5. Weather: 300 days of sunshine per year says it all. The Balearic climate is a thing of beauty in its own right with a fresh and clear spring, a hot & steamy summer and a mild autumn. After all those great days back home, what’s not to like.

6. Proximity: While long haul destinations have suffered, Ibiza’s geographical location of only 2 hours from most major European hubs means that you can get here in less time than it takes to make a motorway journey back home. Long weekends on the White Isle are going to be high in demand in Summer 22

7. Nature: Unlike other destinations that shall remain nameless, Ibiza’s soul has never been in doubt and this is squarely down to old Mother Nature. Sandy beaches, lush green countryside, crystal clear turquoise waters. It’s the defining difference that makes the Ibiza experience like no other.

8. Price: Before you start shouting at your phone remember that it’s the market that decides the price but as Ibiza begins its grand resurgence there’s still some great options for a reasonably priced getaway especially out of season when the island is, arguably, at its best. Yes, the VIP culture had got out of hand but prices reflect the clientele plus there’s always the old adage that it’s reassuringly expensive . If you want cheap then Ibiza might not be for you but there’s still some surprising options when you take the plunge.

9. Making new memories: We all know that person who tells you that ‘Ibiza isn’t what it was’ but every generation has its heyday and what was cool in the 80’s might not be applicable to the Island in 2022. It’s all about the future and enjoying special moments on the island you love. So many options, so many good times to be had, so many selfies, so many instagram opportunities, so much good food, so many world class clubs, so many good times and so many new memories to be made.

10. Less is more: The world has changed and so has the White Isle so expect things to be slightly different as some businesses have sadly been unable to get through the last 2 years while others have surged ahead. The good news is that the ‘new Ibiza’ is exactly the same as the old one just a little bit more experienced and a lot more confident. What are you waiting for!!