Over 30 and Bored of Clubbing? Ibiza Awaits….

The scenario is this. You’ve been coming to Ibiza since your early 20’s and loved the club scene but you’re now in your 30’s or 40’s and although you still love the odd blow out it’s not the primary focus of your holiday any more. What has Ibiza got to offer?

The great news is that Ibiza is an amazing place for outdoor pursuits, wonderful nature and holistic well being.

The weak-willed will always get sucked back in to the Ibiza scene but if midnight is now your natural cut off point then the White Isle is a fantastic place to spend your holiday pursuing other interests. Try the following.

Nature: Ibiza is blessed with the most amazing natural views so go and see them. From Es Vedra to the Caves of San Miguel to Cap Negret to Atlantis to the Benirras Finger. Immerse yourself in the island nature.

Walking: There’s loads of walks you can do. An audio tour around Ibiza old town, the trail to the Cala Conta watch tower, the blossom trail in San Mateu, a hike uphill to ‘Sa Talaia’, the highest point on the island. Las Salinas to Es Cavallet via the most southerly tip of the island. Get up early and do it while the weather is fresh, a great start to an Ibiza day.

Cycling: The island is becoming a haven for cyclists with its untouched beauty of the north and the lush countryside at the centre. Rent a racing bike or a pushbike and do some exploring, stop off at Can Tixedo in Buscatell for some tasty vegan treats and a cold drink.

Sports: Spain is football Crazy but most sports are available. Cricket, 10-pin bowling, tennis, squash, padel, athletics, horse riding, sailing, water skiing and many more. Make sure you pack your sports kit instead of the party clothes and focus on fitness rather than hangovers.

Gym: The fitness boom hit the island a few years ago so there’s plenty of gyms to choose from. They can be busy in the summer when the beautiful people take over and need somewhere to let off steam but most do day passes so start your mornings with a workout, not a headache.

History and Culture: These aren’t dirty words, Ibiza is rich in culture and and you don’t know the island until you immerse yourself in its history. Only 3 generations ago Ibiza was unbelievably poor with little industry and locals only able to survive by living off the land and sea. Speak to the old ‘payeses’ about their experiences and get under the skin of the Island. Only then will you see the island for what it truly is.

Markets and Shopping: Unlike most European shopping centres that have the same old stores, Ibiza has a great mix of local handicrafts, high end couture, unique souvenirs and mid-range brands. Ibiza Town is the best place to spend some of your heard earned cash on a special item or try one of the markets at San Jordi, San Carlos and Es Cana.

Fine Dining: One of the benefits of getting older is that you have a little more money to treat yourself and Ibiza is blessed with some amazing culinary experiences. Food is a Spanish obsession and it’s still possible to eat well for very little however if his want a splurge then there’s plenty on offer. Try a menu del dia during the week days and book a beach restaurant at weekends. Log on to Menu del Dia Ibiza for more info.

Snorkelling & Diving: Ibiza is not defined by it’s nightlife, it’s defined by it’s coastline and one of the best ways to experience it is with a mask, snorkel and flippers. Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta are great place to have a look underwater.

Sunset Drinks: No better way to wind down after a long day seeing the sights than a long drink at sunset. Try a GnT or cocktail at Mint Lounge while watching sun go down and the watching the world go by.

Boating. To truly appreciate the island you need to see it from the water and there’s no better way than to charter a boat for the day. Whether it’s a small self drive vessel or a luxury yacht take a moment to soak up the views as well as the sun. The geology will blow your mind while a new love affair with the Island develops.

Formentera: An experience not to be missed but make sure you plan accordingly to make the most of a day on the jewel of the Med. Get an early ferry, rent bicycles or scooters from the port and discover Ibiza’s sister island and one of the most beautiful places in the world. First a coffee in the church square but Formentera is all about the beaches so reserve a table at a plush restaurant or buy a bocadillo and soak up the rays on one of the white sandy beaches. An unforgettable experience.

BLOW OUT: Just in case you fancy a little blow out BBC Radio 2 has just announced an Ibiza weekender on 29 June – 01 July dedicated to the 80’s generation. Gary Davies will host a special party from The Hard Rock Hotel on Friday evening and then the action switches to San Antonio’s Pikes for 2 evenings full of fun and frolics where you can be amongst like-minded people AND still be in bed by midnight (ish) with a cup of cocoa……

Adiós Club 18-30, it was FUN

Thomas Cook has announced that the fat lady has finally sung for the infamous Club 18-30 holiday brand and that it will be wound up at the end of October as they focus on ‘cooler’ holidays.

This announcement won’t mean much to anyone under the age of 25 but for many over the age of 40 and especially those that have worked in the holiday industry, it would have brought about some misty eyed nostalgia.

When it comes to holiday branding Club 18-30 was the forerunner of the ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ brigade. A club for youngsters who just wanted to party but ‘Club’ as it was affectionately known was more than just a brand, at it’s peak it was an ethos and a movement.

It was the stuff of legends and not always for the right reasons. The 80’s and 90’s were it’s heyday when hundreds of thousand of youngsters were herded around on excursions that mainly included sausages, sangria and sex.

‘Club’ was the living embodiment of the saucy seaside postcard in the Mediterranean sunshine with a perpetual nod and a wink but the real difference were the ‘reps’ that worked for the company. Probably the most dedicated and hard working overseas people you could ever wish to meet. They were almost brainwashed to wear their heart and soul on their sleeves along with that iconic badge on their chests. Many left good jobs to earn peanuts but living and working abroad was too good an opportunity to turn down.

In reality the job wasn’t what they expected, it was a hard slog, propped up by caffeine, junk food and other substances and many reps couldn’t hack it and left within weeks but there were always more willing youngsters ready to step into the theatre of excess.

Before reality TV and social media gave away all the secrets, Club 18-30 could pretty much do what it wanted without any bother. Beach parties, bar crawls, party nights, BBQ’s: You name it, they did it. Large groups of youngsters being shepherded about by reps of similar age but with one major difference: A loud booming voice. The loud voice was always the most important pre-requisite for Club Reps, he or she who shouted loudest usually got the job.

At it’s 90’s peak, Club 18-30 were taking hundreds of thousands of youngsters overseas for the first time to destinations such as Mallorca, Benidorm, Corfu, Rhodes, Turkey and many more. But one destination always took prime position: San Antonio, Ibiza.

San Antonio in the 80’s and 90’s was perfect for Club 18-30, a marriage made in hormone heaven. Lots of small family hotels that were created from the 70’s boom of British demand for cheap holidays in the sunshine. Basic hostelries with little more than a bed, a bog and a window. Club clients didn’t need anymore as they wouldn’t get too much time to sleep. The whole holiday was designed around being out and about, drinking and partying.

Meet in the bar, straight to an excursion, drop off at a bar then straight to a club. The Star Club in San An became Club 18-30’s spiritual late night home, the back bar full of reps on any given night. In bed by 4am, up at 9am. 5 hours sleeps was more than enough for Club Reps.

Then ‘Ibiza Uncovered’ happened. This was the myth buster of all myth busters and suddenly the Island was exposed to the outside world. The clamour for more Ibiza based reality TV brought about ‘Club Reps’ which followed new recruits and ran for 3 years and 36 episodes.

Club 18-30 had always worked on the policy of ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ so it probably seemed like a good idea at the time but it also signalled the beginning of the end.

By the mid-noughties tastes and perceptions were changing and after an initial spike in demand due to the TV exposure the brand began to wane. Low cost airlines were now in full flow and independent holidays were easier to come by. Being herded around wasn’t acceptable any more and camera phones delivered truths rather than myths.

The social media age brought about a sea of change and the hard truth is that the insta-generation wants to be perceived as cool and Club 18-30 isn’t part of the plan for now. Who’s to say that it won’t stage a remarkable comeback but it’s doubtful in a market that decides with its feet and it’s smartphone.

Now it’s all about niche festivals for like minded individuals, beach clubs for the gym-hardened groups of preening wannabes and most importantly the endless search for that perfect profile pic. Sombreros, bucking broncos and as much sangria during the meal simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

After the demise of other ‘yoof’ brands such as Twenty’s, Freestyle and Escapades it looks like it’s also ‘adiós’ to Club 18-30, and with it goes a million memories from a million youngsters who were introduced to the Med by a company that revelled in notoriety and excess. Hedonism has changed to Instagramism but ‘Club’ rightfully deserves its place in the holiday hall of fame, or maybe that should be infamy.

Balearic Cricket Comes to Ibiza

This weekend will see the Balearic Cricket Championship played in Ibiza at San Agustin stadium with games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This year will also be special as it’s the 30th anniversary of the very first tournament, played in Ibiza in 1988.

To add even more spice, the 2018 tournament will be unique after Mallorca Cricket Club pulled out at the last minute so Ibiza have entered 2 teams for the very first time. Mallorca CC lost their ground a few years ago and have struggled to keep the momentum without it. Their withdrawal at the 11th hour sent shockwaves through Balearic Cricket but a contingency was quickly put into place to safeguard the popular round-robin format.

Sam Gooda will lead Ibiza Cricket Club into his 2nd Balearic Cup and his team will start as favourites on home soil. Sam has worked tirelessly for the club and has put together a fine team with Paul Cruttwell from Fusion Satellite as his right hand man. Cruttwell will open the bowling along with Jim Harvey, the owner of Dalt Vila’s quirky Paradise Lost cocktail bar. Gooda was Ibiza’s leading run scorer last year but will hope that temperamental overseas player Johnno Gordon can chip in with a decent knock.

Menorca CC will also be quietly confident of taking home the trophy and will travel with an experienced side with a couple of standout youngsters who can make the difference on the day. Menorca’s captain Simon Cotton, a real estate agent from Stoke, will be hoping to do better than his football club when leading out his side against Ibiza on Friday, aided and abetted by wily Mackem Jeffrey Barker with stalwarts Roy Sturgeon and Andy Tysoe at his side.

Menorca has a beautiful vast grass ground back on their own island, probably the best in Spanish cricket, so will have to quickly adjust to the tight conditions on the artificial pitch at San Agustin.

Finally, the IBZ Renegades has been put together (with myself as Captain) especially for this tournament and will reunite many Ibiza players who no longer live on the island but still retain a great affinity with the club.

Ibiza CC legend Bob ‘the Vicar’ Short will be one to watch out for as he becomes a Renegade and competes in the competition for the first time since 2013. The sexagenarian will be looking to add to his fine record in the tournament which includes 2 victories in 2007 and 2013. In fact the Renegades side will field 6 players from the famous 2007 cup winning side meaning that it’s very much old v new with regards to Ibiza cricket. All rounder Jolyon Swinburn is flying in from New Zealand while the prolific Adam Johnston will open the batting with enigmatic Sam Feasey.

It promises to be a veritable feast of cricket over 3 days, the weather forecast is excellent and although competition on the pitch will be fierce, old friendships will be rekindled and new friendships will be made in the bar after the games over a cold beer. The Balearic Cricket Cup has had some amazing weekends over the last 30 years and this year’s promises to be right up there with the best of them!

Fri 11 May: Ibiza CC v Menorca CC

Sat 12 May: Menorca CC v IBZ Renegades

Sun 13 May: IBZ Renegades v Ibiza CC

All matches will start at 12pm midday at San Agustin Stadium – https://goo.gl/maps/ppUBEKvmRTJ2




Cricket in Ibiza