Why Blog?

In May 2015 I ran for local elections and used social media to try and get my message across. After the elections I wanted a medium where I could give my unique insight into a unique island using nearly 30 years of experience on the white isle which has always been interesting. I now take great pleasure in sharing my views and also any important info that comes my way that I think is relevant to the future of San Antonio and Ibiza. Only through debate can we look to improve things so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Your views are always important!

2 thoughts on “Why Blog?”

  1. Does anybody know how to book a flight with Ryan Air to include our residents discount,
    if you only have one surname, like most Brits
    Ryan Airs booking website now will not now let you pass, until you have inserted your Primer Apellido
    Y Segundo Apellido.
    I have been asked by a number of people & have experienced the same.
    Any body know.??
    Arthur Lee


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