Winter Flights: Open Letter to Ryanair 

Dear Ryanair

This coming Tuesday (1 Nov) is the end of your summer flight programme to Ibiza. Many thanks for once again serving the island so well over the last 7 months and judging by your prices it looks like you had a good summer especially as you appear to charge more for Ibiza flights than other destinations but that’s your business and if people are happy to pay then good luck and well done to you.

I know that Ryanair isn’t everyone’s cup of overpriced inflight lukewarm tea but I’m a massive fan especially since you seem to actually like your customers nowadays rather than treat them like cattle. You give them assigned seats so there’s not a massive scrum at the airport and you even dropped that silly idea of charging customers to use the aeroplane toilets. That was always a strange  plan especially as you relentlessly flog booze throughout all your flights (but business is business).

So as we approach your winter flying schedule may I ask a small favour which may sound a big ask but I assure you makes perfect sense.  We all know that as of Tuesday you will have hundreds of nearly new aeroplanes stored in hangars all over Europe for the winter months so could you please put one of those lovely jets to good use and schedule direct winter flights from the north of England to the beautiful island of Ibiza. Ibiza has a burgeoning population of over 200,000 and is open for 12 months a year these days, it is 2016 after all and the whole world seems connected except for Ibiza in the winter (and Menorca but lets not even go there!)

At the risk of upsetting other areas may I suggest that Manchester would be an ideal winter hub as it serves most of the north and also the midlands. I’m sure you will agree that this is a massive catchment area especially if you are the only ones offering this service.

Ryanair already operates an extensive winter flying program in and out of Ibiza to Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Malaga so slipping in an extra plane to Manchester 4 or 5 times a week shouldn’t cause you too many operational problems.

You have the planes, you have the staff, you have the infrastructure and you have an island that’s just begging for more winter connections. You may say that there isn’t enough demand but I can assure you that there is. You might have to lower the prices during quiet weeks but you would clean up over Christmas and New Year (and Ibiza is AMAZING over the extended holiday season).

We have a precedent you see, British Airways (apologies for swearing in your language) started a few years ago offering a couple of direct flights a week between London City and Ibiza and they have smashed it charging decent money. They now operate almost daily and they don’t give it away for free either.

The BA direct flights are great but the problem with London City airport is that it’s in the arse end of nowhere (pardon the phrase) for anyone who lives north of Watford (and that’s quite a few people by the way).

So thats the small favour I’m asking. A direct flight between Manchester and Ibiza 4 or 5 times a week from November until the end of March. It would help the island enormously plus it would open up Ibiza to whole new demographic of weekend travellers and that’s a win/win right?

Have a serious think about it because it would be great for you to offer your loyal customers something in the winter rather than just milking the summer for all it’s worth. 

You can thank me later, profit share not required

Yours sincerely
Martin Makepeace
A happy Ryanair customer
Usually found in seat 17F

P.S. As a great man once said “you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. 

Ibiza Clubs Voted Best in the World

Ibiza’s world famous club scene has been internationally recognised yet again as the islands clubs occupied 3 of the top 5 positions on the list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs”. 

Ushuaia Ibiza came in at No.2 on the list whilst Pacha Ibiza was 3rd. The recently closed Space in Playa Bossa was 5th. 

DC10 was at number 7 just ahead of Amnesia who were 10th ensuring that Ibiza occupied 50% of the ‘worlds top 10 clubs’, not bad for small Mediterranean island. 

After a day of intense debate in Las Vegas, the 3rd International Nightlife Congress named Omnia Las Vegas as the ‘Best Club in the World’ at the ‘Golden Moon Award’ ceremony which rewards the best practices in the nightclub industry in 16 different categories.

Also making the Top 100 list was Sankeys in 16th place, Blue Marlin Ibiza in 82nd and Privilege Ibiza in 83rd. 

As well as being voted in the worlds top 10, Ushuaia was also won ‘best nightlife business development’ Pacha Group was voted ‘best nightlife business group’ and Space received a special award for ‘most historical club’

Next years ceremony will take place in Ibiza. 

Ibiza Prepares for BIG Halloween Parties

Halloween on the White Isle is just around the corner and not only does it signify the last official day of ‘summer’ it’s also one of the biggest party nights for Ibiza island residents now that many have finished work. 

1st November is a bank holiday in Spain so adults and kids alike can really let their hair down at Halloween and there’s lots of options for those wanting to get into the party spirit.
Here’s 5 options for some of the islands biggest and best parties, spooky dress obligatory obviously.

Bambuddha’s Infamous Fetish Halloween Ball at Pacha

Bambuddha started the big Halloween party craze many years and after last years mega-party was stopped in its tracks it has wisely teamed up with Pacha for what should be a memorable night. Dinner for 400 from 9pm then an all night party with plenty of sexy, burlesque costumes should prove a winner combining Bambuddhas amazing decoration with Pacha’s legendary installations.

Price: 85 euros per person (drinks not included), fetish fancy dress obligatory (undress to impress).

The Brothers Grim presents Halloween at Pikes Hotel

Pikes at Halloween has gained a big reputation over the last few years and this years party promises to be an unmissable sell out with limited tickets. All the chambers of horror will be blood spattered and jam packed with the usual wild and wacky Ibiza crowd to party into the early hours with a long and varied line up of DJs and entertainers.

Price: 15 euros per person (pre-paid tickets only, available until 30 Oct). BBQ from 9-11pm

Babylon Beach Halloween Party

A family friendly party with lots of fun, games and face painting. Surprises galore await the adults and kids with a spooktacular menu and bloodbath cocktails with DJs spinning their own horror soundtrack. Expect lots of sexy vampire Santa Eulalia mums and excited kids partying from the afternoon until the late evening.

Price: Table reservations strongly recommended

Halloween at HEART Ibiza

One of Ibiza’s newest venues will put on its first big Halloween event with a great line up of entertainment and a relatively low entrance price. Teaming up with Openlab means that the music will be on point with ‘murder on the dance floor’ guaranteed.

Price: 20 euros pre paid ticket (included a drink) 

Flahertys Irish Pub Halloween Party

San Antonio’s Irish pub is opening throughout the winter and will celebrate Halloween with a family friendly party from 6pm with goody bags for the kids and a special menu for food and drinks. 

Free entrance

Worthy mention….Can Bonet Halloween Party

Can Bonet social club (near the Zoo project) always puts on a fantastic family Halloween party that attracts mainly a local Spanish crowd with stands, stalls, lots of games and plenty of atmosphere. Expect lots of moody teenagers and stressed out Mums but don’t let that put you off. Lots happening and lots of fun!

Free Entrance

Whatever you do on Halloween, have a great evening! 

Extremism comes to Ibiza

Guardia Civil, San Antonio

In a worrying turn of events 2 Moroccan nationals, acting as Imams have been arrested today in a major operation in San Antonio for supporting the terrorist group DAESH also known as Islamic state.

Investigations have allegedly shown that the detainees aged 31 and 35 began to increase their activity on the Internet and social media  in 2012, coinciding with the Arab Spring phenomenon and the mass exodus of foreign fighters to join the ranks of the terrorist group DAESH in Syria and Iraq. 

Allegedly one of the detainees used his personal profile on Facebook as a platform to spread DAESH propaganda publicly showing his support for the terrorist group and also facilitating access to extreme material such as videos and links to various publications. 

Both the arrested favour the radical Salafi ideology, fostering feelings of hatred, segregation and violence against those they call “enemies of Islam” whilst praising those who have decided to travel to different parts of the world to “do jihad” and joining the ranks of DAESH.

As part of this operation, one of the main things that concerned investigators was the influence that both individuals had on the members of the Islamic community on the island especially children attending their classes in the mosque.

Since 2015 there has now been 156 jihadist arrests in Spain according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Source: Nou Diari

Pauline Quirke Academy to Open in Ibiza

There’s a popular saying that goes “if the whole world is a stage then why are all the clowns in Ibiza” and for all those frustrated young thespians there’s an exciting new addition to Ibiza winter activities as the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts is opening in Ibiza.

The Pauline Quirke Academy is a weekend performing arts school for 4-18 year olds – and the newest Academy is opening here on the White Isle on Saturday 22nd October.

Speaking of the brand new Academy, Pauline said, “When we opened our first academy in 2007 our mission was simply to provide the very best performing arts education. We’ve grown a lot since then, but that mission hasn’t changed. By working with people we believe are outstanding in their field, we aim to bring the widest, most exciting experience to our students in an environment that is both friendly and rewarding.”

PQA’s core modules in Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre and Film & Television teach a comprehensive range of skills, which are useful for everyday life, not just a career in the performing arts. All classes are taught in English.

As well as many in-house productions and showcases students get the chance to see their short film projects on the big screen of their local cinema, where they get to walk down the red-carpet just like the Hollywood stars, it’s a glamorous event that students and parents will never forget!

PQA Ibiza is holding a free open day on Saturday 22nd October from 9.45am – 1pm at Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza, Av. Dr. Camacho 9-1, 07840 Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza.

For more information please visit or call +34 657 237 906.


IBIZA SELL OUT: any room for normal clubbers?

The rumours are true after it emerged that the Pacha Group is on the verge of being sold to a Private Equity firm for a price of around 350 million euros. 

Pacha founder Ricardo Urgell revealed the news himself in a detailed interview with the ‘Diario de Ibiza’ confirming the sale which also confirms that Ibiza has gone through a seismic shift in a little over 5 years.

In an emotional interview 79 year old Urgell, one of the most respected club owners in the world, painted a picture of a weary man who has had grown tired of the ‘new’ Ibiza : “it is important that the island does not lose the magic. If we do not take prompt action, it will die of success”, ironic really then that he is selling to a private equity company. 

Trilantic Capital Partners by definition is a profit driven company who will be looking to make money on behalf of investors so it will be interesting to see whether there is a clear change of dynamic for the group. Pacha almost singlehandedly invented the VIP table phenomenon in Ibiza but without Urgell as its soul the bean counters will be calling the shots. 

For all his verbal bluster and political denouements Urgell has his heart on the island and also understands Pacha’s position and what makes it tick so without him at the centre it will be interesting to see the direction that the newly owned group will take. Time will only tell but expect Pacha bars in every major town in the world and maybe a festival or 2 as the new owners try to cash in on the name. 

Coming so soon after Space in Playa den Bossa closed its doors for the very last time this is also a worrying period for the ‘normal’ clubbers out there who don’t want to spend 1000’s of euros on a small wooden table and champagne but want a few beers, a Bacardi and coke and to just dance the night away.

Space made its name by being all about the music whereas Pacha was more about style and being seen, 2 completely different clubbing experiences but both uniquely Ibiza. 

With the Space building looking like it will be turned into ‘Ushuaia by night’ the normal clubbers feel they are being marginalised by the VIP culture. This could be an ideal opportunity for other clubs to fill the gap, Sankeys has done a great job so far with organic growth and maybe Eden and Es Paradis can also be part of giving the clubs back to the clubbers.

So with a couple of hundred million in his back pocket Ricardo Urgell will concentrate on projects close to his heart whilst Pepe Rosello may or may not open a hotel in San Antonio to carry on his presence on the island. 

These 2 men have done so much for the island but are both now handing over to a new generation of club owners whose priorities will be different to theirs. Whether ‘normal’ clubbers figure in their new business plans remains to be seen.

Ibiza Residents v Tourists: Prou! Mobilise Against “Abuses of Tourism”

pic: Mari/Diario de Ibiza

The continuing battle between Ibiza residents and tourists has taken a further twist with the forming of “Prou!”, a new pressure group that wants to combat the “abuses of tourism” that many feel are occurring on the island.

Prou held it’s first public meeting last week at the ‘Club Diario de Ibiza’ filling the auditorium and exceeding its 200 capacity, a sign of the growing discontent of the direction the island is going. 

Vicent Planells, a former bank manager, explained that the group has emerged spontaneously through Facebook. “We are ordinary Ibiza people who are fed up with what is happening on the Island”

The group announced that it will hold “peaceful and silent” protests against harmful or illegal tourism activities when institutional action does not work. To do this the group has “a hundred people to perform these actions,” explained Sandra Serra.

Historian and teacher Neus Escandell opened the meeting by saying that “tourism must serve to improve the quality of life, not to make it worse.” Highlighting the importance of the industry to the economy of the island but saying that “the culprits are not tourists but businessmen and politicians who have allowed us to reach the current situation,” characterised by the “privatisation” of the the beaches, noise pollution and illegalities of some companies.

Lawyer Rosa Redolat said it would be sufficient if existing laws were enforced. “There is a general feeling of passivity and neglect. Had laws been enforced from the outset we would not have come this far”. Redolat said whilst accusing politicians of “passing the buck to each other” citing a lack of coordination with the posidonia* situation or the large mansion given the go ahead to be built on protected land near Cala d’Hort. 

School teacher Agustin Garcia further explained “the word collapse is on everyone’s lips, Ibiza is in danger of becoming a theme park due to lack of control, tourism must have limits, as a matter of survival”. 

Vicent Planells continued “the whole island is being converted into a one large discotheque. A hotel is a nightclub, a boat is a nightclub and a country house also becomes a nightclub.”

Prou reinforced this by inviting a child to explain that on the night of Space Closing the music was so loud that inside his bedroom it felt like he was in the nightclub.

Prou! has promised regular meetings and is preparing a strategy for the coming months and summer 2017. 

*Posidonia oceanica (commonly known as Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed) is a seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. It forms large underwater meadows that are an important part of the ecosystem.

Source: Diario de Ibiza

Mallorca Court Grants Amnesia Extension

A Mallorca court has overturned San Antonio Council’s ban and ruled that Ibiza Super Club Amnesia can stay open until midday on 9 October for their closing party. 

The San Rafael discotheque went to court in the Balearic capital and argued that not to be given the extension would cause serious economic damage to their business, employees and 3rd party contractors. A judge in Palma agreed and Amnesia was given the green light for the extension. 

San Antonio Council immediately acknowledged the court order and issued the following statement: “In compliance with the injunction ordered by the Administrative Court No. 2 of Palma, the Town Hall shall suspend the execution of the decree revoking the authorization for the extension of the closing time of the nightclub Amnesia on October 8, 2016”

Although slightly embarrassing for San Antonio Town Hall who have been unable to enforce their own rules this could be viewed as a win/win. The Council hasn’t backed down and Amnesia have got what they want.

Source: Diario de Ibiza

Amnesia ask for Closing Extension

Ibiza Superclub Amnesia has asked San Antonio council to lift the suspension on extended opening hours for their closing party this coming Saturday. 

The company maintains that the suspension is due to “an error of assessment” last Monday when the club closed at the correct time. 

Amnesia explained that “since the club promoter had organized an after party starting at 12pm midday at another venue many people remained in the car park once the club had closed its doors”. 

This, according Amnesia, “led to an error of assessment” by local police who filed a complaint. 

Amnesia Group argue that even though the party will bring hundreds of people to the island from all over the world they are being penalised for an obvious human error so have officially asked for the reinstatement of a 12pm midday closing time on Sunday 9 October. 

Source: Periodico de Ibiza