Why ‘Ibiza is too expensive’ is a myth

If there’s one thing I hear more than anything is that Ibiza is ‘too expensive’ for tourists.

You can’t hide away from the fact that prices are eye watering at some establishments for certain products but it’s still possible to come to the White Isle and not spend your entire life savings on a round of drinks at Amnesia.

Now if you want to stay at a top hotel and go to world class clubs, restaurants and events every day and night for 7 nights then this isn’t going to come cheap but this is the same as going to London, staying at the Ritz, going to see a West End show twice a day then eating at the Ivy.

There are plenty of options that won’t break the bank and things to do that don’t involve handing over wads of cash. So instead of taking for granted that Ibiza is like Monte Carlo on steroids, here’s my 10 point guide for an Ibiza experience that won’t cost the earth.

1. Stay in a family run hostal. There’s plenty of options here and prices are surprisingly reasonable if you steer clear of August. Rooms are clean, functional and won’t cost you a fortune. You only need a bed, air con and shower. Have a look at Small and Friendly

2. Eat local. Where do you think residents eat? Local bars serving delicious tapas and meals at incredible prices of course. Don’t follow the pack, look for vibrant, busy local bars serving daily menus. You can thank me later. Some great options at Menu del Día

3. Use public transport. Buses run regularly in the summer between the main towns meaning that it’s easy and cheap to get around. San Antonio to Ibiza for example is 2 euros, yes that’s right – 2 euros. More details at Ibiza Bus

4. Spend a day in Ibiza old town. This world heritage site is an amazing place to visit with nooks and crannies everywhere and spectacular views to Formentera and the port. It’s cultural and people -watching heaven, good fun and won’t cost you a penny. Croissant Show at the bottom of the rampart is a good place to cool off with a beer and sandwich. More info here

5. Picnic at the beach. Italians are experts at this and it’s so easy. Spend a tenner at a supermarket or bakery on a filled baguette with all the trimmings then go and bake yourself on a towel for the day on a gorgeous white sandy beach while smiling at the champagne swilling, Bali bed hugging wannabe next door spending a fortune. No fuss heaven.

6. Visit Formentera. See point 5 but get the bus to the port in Ibiza and make the 30 minute crossing to one of the most beautiful places you’re ever likely to go to. Take a walk or rent a bicycle, go to Illetas or es Palmador which are right up with the best beaches in the world and guess what, it won’t cost you a kings ransom plus the Instagram pics will get your friends back home frothing at the mouth. Formentera official website

7. Sunset on the sunset strip. This daily ritual is crackling with excitement and ambiance but (yet again) you don’t have to be sat at a frontline table with a ridiculous minimum spend, you can mingle in with the crowds or sit on the rocks soaking up the moment that will define your holiday. Add in a few tinnies bought from a supermarket and a local meal on the way home and the night you’ve been waiting for has come at amazingly little cost.

8. Treat yourself to a super club. Ibiza’s super clubs are world famous, some tickets are as cheap as 35 euros and with night buses running regularly you can get there and back relatively easily. Stay away from the bar and dance the night away at the home of Balearic bliss and take away memories that will last a lifetime and not cost a fortune

9. A walk is good for the soul. Ibiza is a beautiful island with some incredible walking routes. Take a couple of hours to have a stroll and take in the nature and views and hopefully the penny might drop that seeing the island through the bottom of a 3 litre flashing vodka bottle isn’t mandatory behaviour – more at Ibiza Outdoors

10. Relax, chill, sunbathe, beach, sleep, eat, dance, walk, drink, chat, sample, discover, repeat.

There’s so many options on the White Isle that sometimes it’s hard to see the woods for the trees but don’t follow the herd or be part of the crowd that takes the easy route. Scratch away at the surface and you will find that you don’t have to spend a fortune to reap the benefits of this amazing Island. ‘Ibiza is too expensive’ is just a myth peddled by people on social media who don’t know any better. As I said, you can thank me later.

Record Summer for Ibiza

Happy October. These 2 words will come as a relief to many after what has been an incredibly busy summer season for the White Isle. It’s difficult to believe that little over a year ago nightclubs weren’t able to open, it was illegal to dance and most bars had to close by 1am.

Ibiza Summer 2022 has been the polar opposite to the previous year, business owners will tell you it’s been a good year but make no mistake it’s been a record year. The number of arrivals might not be at pre-pandemic levels but takings have been off the scale as tourists scrambled to make up for 2 ‘lost’ summers while prices have been maximised across the board.

Hotel rates have never been so eye watering, restaurants packed out every night and the clubs are back with a bang with those VIP packages at prices to bring you out in a cold sweat. The desire to make up for lost time has been unprecedented, the bounce back more extreme than anyone could have foreseen after 2 difficult years that saw local businesses hang on by their fingernails while others closed for good. From the despair of 2020 came the triumph of 2022 but it hasn’t come without its consequences.

For 2 summers Ibiza was forced to focus on food, nature and culture and some political commentators are already saying that a big opportunity has been missed to curb the excesses of the island. The no clubs nirvana that some had been striving for was only a short term illusion. Local elections are looming in May 2023 and it will be interesting to see if town halls change their approach next year if voters levitate towards the parties who promise to get tough on excess. As we have seen in past, Ibiza politics is a complicated animal where a few hundred voters can have a massive effect on certain segments of the market.

This summer proved that as much as Ibiza is a beautifully historic island with incredible cuisine, its X-factor and USP is world class entertainment in amazing settings that is difficult to find anywhere else on the planet. The island made a good job of selling itself without the clubs (day & night) when it had to but this is what really defines it where mass tourism is concerned. The secret, as always, is finding the middle ground where culture and pure hedonism can coexist but if anyone can find this then they might also be able to solve world peace. Ibiza as ever is an island of extremes that polarises local opinion.

Already there is much expectation for summer 2023. Unprecedented investment will happen over the winter yet again but it’s tough to see how Ibiza can follow this years trajectory. Even the most optimistic can see that business will most likely plateau now that the covid cobwebs have been shaken off but prices will continue to go upwards. It’s a simple supply and demand issue.

Summer 2022 will be remembered as the big comeback year for Ibiza, bigger than we could ever have hoped for but we shouldn’t get too carried away. Recent history has shown that there’s a thin line between success/failure and boom/bust. The island has to keep its feet on the floor and consistently improve its tourist offering on every level but for now we can definitely celebrate a job well done. Roll on the winter.