1969  Born Nottingham, spent childhood in Birmingham and Derby
1985  Elected Pupil Governor, awarded Headmasters prize for achievement & endeavour
1986-1991  Worked at NatWest Bank in Derby/London
1991-1994  Twentys/Enterprise Holiday Rep in Ibiza
1994-2000  Overseas Manager for Albir Travel –  Ibiza Specialists
1997  Purchased 1st house in Ibiza
1999  Opened Ibiza Travel Shop specialising in flight only, dynamic packaging & ‘concierge’ – the only ones doing it at that time
2002  Opened Alicante & Tenerife Travel Shops
2004  Opened Ibiza Property Shop, 1st child born in Ibiza
2006-2009  Captain of Ibiza Cricket Club
2007  Purchased 1st Boat, 2nd child born in Ibiza
2009  Merged all companies under IPS
2012  Purchased 2nd boat, started Ibiza Speedboats to compliment villa clients
2014  Represented Spain over 40’s in cricket
2015  Ran as PP candidate for Sant Antoni, founded Association of British Residents & Businesses in Ibiza
2015 Started “Man in San An” Blog

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