No Laughing Matter! San Antonio To Ban Laughter In Public


In a further tightening of anti-social legislation, San Antonio’s local council has once again flexed it’s muscles and announced plans to curb loud laughter in public.  

In news that will shock many the “Ruidosa Hilaridad Denounciano” (literal translation; Loud Mirth Act), will make it an offence to ‘howl, hoot or roar with laughter in a public place’ with fines for ‘excessive humourous expression’ of between 400 and 1000 euros depending on the severity of the ‘offence’.

When pressed to explain the reason behind the new ruling a council spokesperson explained that San Antonio’s new touristic model did not envisage people having excessive fun or seek to promote the expression of happiness but denied the new anti-laughter law would affect the islands tourist sector, pointing out that people were still allowed to ‘smile’ or  ‘grin’. He also hinted that a blind eye would be turned to sniggerers and titterers though anything exceeding a chuckle or chortle would be deemed a step too far. 

“Roaring or howling with laughter has no place in San Antonio” the spokesperson explained, this type of thing has “a negative impact on the environment and damages the image of the town”.

However there is some confusion over how the new law will be enforced with San Antonio Town Hall also stating that some leniency would be shown to gigglers and that there would be an amnesty from 24 Dec – 07 Jan to allow seasonal “HO! HO! HO-ing”. 

Local businesses have already expressed their dismay at the new legislation with one bar owner telling me that she has decided to stop showing Manchester United games due to concerns that their recent performances have provoked uncontrollable laughter from those assembled. Furthermore, David Guetta’s office refused to confirm whether the French ‘DJ’ will continue to play in Ibiza as his tune selection is known to provoke snorts of derision amongst purists.

A prominent local businessman said “Ibiza is once again taking itself far too seriously. This  law will only serve to drive laughter underground. People like a laugh and will guffaw whether it’s allowed or not”. 

In another twist, it has emerged that the powerful Association of Discotecas is refusing to implement the law inside its superclubs. A  spokesman commented “when people find out how much our drinks cost they often erupt into disbelieving laughter. If we report them all to the police there’ll be nobody left in our venues… and that’s no laughing matter”. 

Happy 1st April! 

Additional reporting: Kirk Field

San Antonio Bans PR’s and Street Parades

San Antonio’s West End

In a clear sign of things to come, San Antonio’s Mayor Jose Tur “Cires” has flexed his muscles and followed in Ibiza Town’s footsteps and announced an indefinite ban on ‘dynamic advertising’ specifically public relation workers (i.e. those who convince tourists to drink in certain premises) and street parades where groups of people walk along advertising clubs, bars & events. 

The official reason is to “improve coexistence in the town” citing that this type of advertising takes place in public spaces and has a negative impact “on the environment, on the right of citizens freedom of movement and that it damages the image of the town with constant harassment of tourists”. 
Mayor Tur has signed the decree suspending all new requests and renewals of licenses stating clearly that “failure to comply with this decree will result in the initiation of disciplinary proceedings”.

With other problems in the municipality some British bar owners have questioned whether the town hall has got its priorities right. One bar owner told me “it seems that the more legitimate you try to be the more you get pulled down or the more you have to pay. That just encourages people to play dirty games and flout the law breeding more underhand ways of doing things and fueling the very people causing the problems in the first place”

Another said “No legal PRs at all is the wrong move while there are 100s of illegals. It’s perhaps the logical step after the illegals have been eliminated, but not before, it’s’s like throwing the baby out with the bath water. There are far more pressing problems that need addressing that affect our town’s image such as lookys, pickpockets, prostitutes, these are much higher on the list that public relation issues. Why are these not being tackled first?”

Not all bar owners think it’s a bad thing with one commenting “this island used to work very well without PRs and ticket sellers” whereas as another said “they will be banning fun next”. 

photo: essential ibiza

Ibiza’s Top 15 Beaches – as voted by Ibiza Residents

Ibiza is famous throughout the planet for it’s music and clubbing scene but nothing defines the island as much as it’s natural beauty and right in the middle of this is it’s amazing beaches.

After news that Illetes on Formentera was voted the ‘world’s best beach’ by the powerful Trip Advisor website I think it’s time to highlight the 15 best beaches on the White Isle as voted for by the island residents themslves (and they should know).


On the north coast of the island close to San Miguel is this crescent shaped hidden gem that is the stuff of dreams. It’s remote location means that it’s difficult to find so is usually deserted all through the summer so it’s a real getaway from the maddening crowd. The only drawback is that it’s so well protected by the high coastline that there’s very little breeze making it like an oven on a hot summers day.


photo: piers dupoy

One of San Antonio’s premier beaches is a joy with it’s pebble and sand beach and traditional restaurant serving delicious Spanish food at reasonable prices. Access via a steep hill from the northern side of San An and you won’t be disappointed with this beautiful cove. 



On the north east coast, 10 mins drive from San Carlos, lies this lovely sandy beach that is well worth the effort to get there. A favourite with families this beach is relatively quiet even in the peak season and is surrounded by green pine trees. Delightful. 


photo: piers dupoy

One of the major beaches on the white isle, this mile long white sandy beach is part of the Salinas National Park and has it all. Large car park for easy access, excellent frontline restaurants, clear blue waters and a rocky walk to the watchtower for when you’re feeling energetic. Favoured by the beautiful people but please note that it’s anything but relaxing during peak periods with ticket sellers and club parades a plenty. Very Ibiza. 



On the northern side of the arrowhead that makes up the southernmost point of island is the uber cool Es Cavallet. Over 1km of fine white sand with views to Ibiza Town and Formentera this picturesque stretch is a popular gay hangout and is an official nudist beach. There’s also some excellent restaurants where the rich and famous can usually be spotted. Definitely worth a visit even if just for the selfie. 


photo: piers dupoy

This resort beach is nearly 1km long and has a traditional holiday atmosphere with families, sunbeds, watersports, shops, bars and lots of other things thrown into the mix. This sheltered bay has amazing clear waters, a lovely stretch of sand and is favoured by continental Europeans. 


Just to the west of Portinatx is the small but perfectly formed bay of Cala Xarraca. It’s ideal for snorkeling with its clear waters and has magnificent views out to sea. There is also a mud bath that’s said to have special soothing powers and a traditional family owned restaurant serving delicious local dishes. What’s not to like! 


photo: martin makepeace

Nestled only 15 mins drive from San Antonio and San Jose is the amazing Cala Bassa beach. Accessible by boat, car or bus this bay is one of Ibiza’s most popular places especially amongst locals. The creation of CBBC (Cala Bassa Beach Club) a few years ago caused much consternation locally but there’s no denying that it has taken the product to another level. While some complain of inflated prices others enjoy the several restaurants and tree lined bars that the beach club has to offer. The beach is a sandy paradise with turquoise waters and watersports. Life doesn’t get much better than lobster paella in the shade at CBBC on a hot summers day.


photo: piers dupoy

Get your hippy vibe going and join the in-crowd on one of Ibiza’s most famous hangouts. Benirras beach is located east of San Miguel and attracts a weird and wonderful crowd that only the white isle can offer. The beach itself is pebbles and sand with sunbeds and surrounded by several good restaurants. Sunday is the day when the drummers descend on the beach and begin their musical ritual at sunset. This should be on your Ibiza bucket list! 


photo: piers dupoy

Underrated by many (but not by Ibiza residents) this wide stretch of beach is ideal for kids with it’s shallow waters and gentle slope. Surrounded by beautiful green countryside and with restaurants and a popular dive school close by this delightful bay ticks all the boxes. 


photo: martin makepeace

This bijou beach paradise is one of Ibiza’s smallest but is simply breathtaking in its beauty and deserves to be in the top 5. A small white sandy beach surrounded by rocks and turquoise blue sea will stop you in your tracks and feel like you have gone to heaven.  Because of its size it does get very busy during peak months but there is a top notch restaurant on the beach that serves delicious food and gives some well needed shade.


photo: ibiza spotlight

This north east coast beach has become increasingly popular since Atzaro opened their chic beach ‘club’ a few years back putting this unspoilt and shallow bay firmly on the map. Close to Es Cana and Cala Llenya,  the surrounding scenery is naturally pine clad and has a choice of food places from plush to easy. 



Making the top 3 is this locals favourite that’s rarely overcrowded even in the busy summer months, Aiguas Blancas continues to surprise and delight the many that venture here every year. It’s nudist friendly and has that hippy vibe that Ibiza is famous for. Don’t be put off by it’s steep access, this just makes the experience that little more memorable and well worth the effort to see this natural beach that has been unspoilt with time. No sunbeds here just a couple of cool eateries and amazing views for your social media updates. 


photo: piers dupoy

We’ve already covered Cala Salada but what about its smaller sibling that comes in 2nd on our list? Drop down to Salada then make your way right over the rocks until you come to this beach haven. Saladeta is for the beach connoisseurs who want a white sandy beach overlooked by pine clad nature at its very finest. Busy during the summer months and very international with a surprising lack of Brits, Saladeta is old school beach loveliness and nothing else. No beach clubs or food places although the hawkers will be round offering their overpriced mojitos and fruit but this just adds to the fun. Simply irresistible. 



Top of our list is the perennially popular Cala Conta which is nothing short of heaven on earth and my personal favourite on the island. A wonderland of walks in the winter then a beach paradise with stunning clear waters during the hot summer months Conta is up there with Europes finest. Not only that but it looks over several small islets that just add to its allure. Throw in good bus connections, ample car parking, one of Ibiza’s coolest sunset bars, a couple of class restaurants and you have the complete package for an incredible day and evening at the beach and really that’s what it’s all about! 

Do you agree or have I missed out anything? Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or email and have your say. Have a great summer! 

Ryanair International Ibiza Flights are GO!


Today is the unofficial start of the summer as Ryanair, everybody’s favourite airline 🙂 has once again resumed wholesale international flights in and out of the island.

British Airways has done a fantastic job connecting the white isle directly to London during the winter months but unfortunately London City Airport only appeals to a certain geographical area, great if you live in and around central London but quite a difficult nut to crack if you live north of Watford. 

So love them or hate them that cheeky Irish airline is back big time and now its also Spain’s biggest airline in terms of passengers carried. To celebrate here is a quick overview of their summer 2016 international flights in and out of Ibiza but please note that is for quick reference only so please check the Ryanair website for full details!


London Stansted (STN)
18 Mar-29 Oct
Daily (except 22 & 24 Mar)

Manchester (MAN)
18 Mar-29 Oct
Daily (except 22/23/24 & 25 March)

Birmingham (BHX)
27 Mar-27 Oct
Thu / Sun in Apr / May / Jun
Tue / Thu / Sun in Jul / Aug / Sep / Oct

Bristol (BRS)
04 Apr-29 Oct
Mon / Wed / Fri

East Midlands (EMA)
02 Apr-29 Oct
Tue / Thu / Sat

Glasgow Prestwick (PIK)
27 Mar-26 Oct
Wed / Sun plus an extra flight on a Fri in Jul only

Leeds Bradford (LBA)
03 Apr-27 Oct
Thu / Sun

Liverpool (LPL)
01 Apr-28 Oct
Mon / Wed / Fri

Bologna (BLQ)
01 Apr-29 Oct

Brussels (BRU)
01 Jul-31 Aug

Brussels (CRL)
02 Apr-29 Oct
Mon / Tue / Thu / Sat in Apr / May / Jun / Sep / Oct
Daily Jul / Aug

Dublin (DUB)
02 Apr-29 Oct
Mon / Wed / Sat in Apr / Oct
Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Sat in May-Sep

Dusseldorf Weeze (NRN)
02 Apr-29 Oct
Tue / Thu / Sat / Sun

Eindhoven (EIN)
02 Apr – 29 Oct
Daily (except Friday)
Note: No flights 30 May-15 Jun inc

Frankfurt Hahn (HHN)
18 Mar-28 Oct
Fri / Mon
Note: No flight on 21 March but one off flight on Tue 22 Mar

Marseille (MRS)
03 Apr-27 Oct
Thu / Sun

Milan Bergamo (BGY)
01 Apr-29 Oct

Pisa (PSA)
03 Apr-26 Oct
Wed / Sun in Apr / Oct
Wed / Fri / Sun in May
Wed / Thu / Fri / Sun in Jun / Sep
Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri / Sun in Jul
Daily in Aug

Rome (CIA)
27 Mar-29 Oct

Turin (TRN)
02 May-28 Oct
Mon / Fri

Venice (TSF)
03 May-29 Oct
Tue / Thu / Sat

Ibiza is about to get busy so have a great summer no matter whether you are working, relaxing, partying, or anything else you might want to do. See you on the other side. 


84kg of Cocaine Discovered on Formentera Beach


In shock news that has had international press coverage, Spanish Guardia Civil and customs officials are investigating after 3 ‘sacks’ of cocaine was discovered on Playa de Migjorn beach on the south coast of the island of Formentera, which is located 6km off the coast of Ibiza. 

Even more surprising was that it was initially reported that there was 70kg of the drug but this was then revised up to 150kg and then after weighing it was found that the final figure was 84kg that has a street value well in excess of 6 million euros.  

The 3 bags bearing the ‘Everlast’ logo were washed up on the beach covered in seaweed and discovered by a female on the afternoon of Tuesday 15 March, a broken GPS device was also recovered. 

The authorities are working on the theory that the bags were thrown overboard from a vessel to avoid security forces, so far nobody has been arrested and enquires are ongoing. 

Source: Diario de Ibiza

San Antonio Residents Protest about Creation of Mosque in Tourist Area


Local residents in the Calo des Moro area of San Antonio have made a formal complaint about the proposed creation of a mosque on the ground floor of an apartment block in the area.

They explained that they consider the area to be a “tourist zone” and insist that a religious centre of this type should be in a separate building and not part of an existing residential block of apartments.

One resident explained “Our group of 28 neighbours have discovered that the ground floor commercial premises have been purchased with the intention of creating a mosque. This is the best tourist area of San Antonio and we think it is not compatible with any religious centres”.
The local residents have also complained that there has been work taking place on the premises during the night time and after these initial complaints a meeting was called where signatures were collected against the creation of this religious center and presented to the town hall to express their opposition. 

San Antonio town hall has explained that the El Fath Cultural Association presented an “approval request” in November 2015 that was required prior to the purchase of premises and that technicians reported favorably as  “it met all legal requirements” although they pointed out that the project would be reviewed at a late date. Over the last couple of weeks the cultural association has presented a basic project for the mosque with the plan to combine 3 premises.

As of yet town hall technicians have not yet assessed the plan “so no work had been authorized” and in this respect town planners will investigate the allegation that work has been preformed without authorisation. 

Source: Periodico de Ibiza

News: Balearic Villa Associations strike agreement for Ecotax Payment 

Roberto San Esteban, President AVAT

Representatives of the Balearic Villa Associations have come to an agreement in principal with the tax authorities on how to collect and pay the the new tourist ‘ECOTAX’ that’s due to be imposed this coming summer. 

The tax will be calculated using a ‘modules system’ that takes into account the sleeping capacity of the villa plus the dates it is occupied. This does not apply to private apartments as under current legislation it is prohibited for them to be rented out to tourists.

Roberto San Esteban, President of AVAT (the Ibiza and Formentera Villa Association) said that this is the “least worst” way for owners to collect and pay the tax but regrets that many villas are already booked for the coming  summer forcing his members to “pay more”.

The payment formula will be introduced at the same time as the new law is implemented and instead of paying the usual €1 + IVA per person per night the villa owners and operators will pay according to the size of the property and number of bedrooms/beds.  San Esteban went on to say that many villas are in the process of legalization so as yet “there is no control” over them.

It’s also been agreed that because each of the Balearic Islands has different occupation months this will be taken into account using a ‘correction factor’. San Esteban commented that holiday homes in Mallorca have a 6 month period of occupation while Ibiza only has three and a half months and Menorca and Formentera even less.  “We discussed this correction factor and reached a consensus. Now we just need the approval of Viviana de Sans” said the representative of AVAT, which has 212 members even though the official number villas registered or being registered in Ibiza stands at 1,900.

The tax payment will take place between May and June of the following year of activity; i.e. owners/operators will pay the ECOTAX for summer 2016 in 2017.  As the first year is “difficult to assess”, from January next year, interested parties may change to a module that better suits depending on the activity recorded in the previous summer but San Esteban warns that the Tax Agency has control mechanisms in place to ensure that villa owners/operators do not try to avoid paying part of the tax with a module that isn’t representative of the actual occupation. “Just by looking at electricity and water bills you can see the use (and occupation) of the property”. 

It was also agreed at the meeting that a Balearic ‘holiday home’ census would be created for the first time using all available data from the tax agency and the Balearic Ministry of Tourism. 

San Esteban welcomed the special inspections recently announced by Viviana de Sans for this coming summer to root out unfair competition and expected them to be “intense”. The President of AVAT remarked that there are unscrupulous operators who come to the island for August armed with just a website and a mobile phone who don’t pay any taxes and deceive clients who are left stranded without any liability insurance”.