San Antonio Town Hall Announces its 2017 Budget

San Antonio (Ibiza) Town Hall has presented its 2017 budget which will amount to 25.97M euros, 0.7% more than 2016 however it will not start to implement any of the recommendations of the ‘strategic plan’ that was undertaken by the ex-Mayor of Barcelona Jordi Hereu at a cost of 60,000 euros. 

Mayor Jose Tur said that they will devote about 400,000 euros to the drafting of projects and studies to see how plan can come to fruition.  He also said that another 400,000 euros has been set aside to carry out the day to day works of the plan but admitted that these are “things that have to be done anyway but will now be done with a script “.

The first projects of the Strategic Plan include an ‘Urban Mobility Plan’, an ‘Urban Landscape Plan’ , an ‘Incentive Program for the Improvement of the Level of Tourist Accommodation’ and ‘Plan for Improvement of the Bay’. None of these will be executed in 2017 but a draft plan will be put together to confirm how best to implement the recommendations.  The plan about the plan if you will…..

The major spend for 2017 will be the implementation of the new refuse collection service for the amount of 4.72M euros. The town hall will also make an important effort to improve their first aid service and adapt it to new regulations so will dedicate 390,000 euros to this issue, twice as much as the previous year.  The execution of the first phase of the project to open Calle Ametller in Ses Païsses will cost 800,000 euros and will serve to “greatly improve the mobility of this area”.

It is also planned to relocate the Local Police station bringing it closer to the town centre for which 400,000 euros will be invested.  The elimination of architectural barriers (street accessibility), one of the traditional subjects for San Antonio, still has no proper place in the budget and appears only in a general plan of “various actions” in urban improvements.

Mayor Tur and Councillor Fran Tienda devoted much of their presentation on the economic situation of San Antonio to deplore “the poor management developed by the previous government team” which they said plunged the municipal coffers into such a level of debt that the investment capacity of the council will be limited for several years to come.

Mayor Tur said that in 2015 “the total sum where payment is obligatory and unavoidable amounts to 18.7M euros, of which 705,500 euros is interest” but in addition Tur added that other disputed concepts where there isn’t a being “a firm obligation to pay” amount to 30.3M euros but these also include the hypothetical payment of compensation claimed by music mogul Michael Cretu for the demolition of his house in Santa Agnès.

The Mayor fears that because of the “lack of diligence produced in the defence of municipal interests since 2013 something may have to be paid to Mr Cretu”.

Source: Diario de Ibiza 

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

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