San Antonio for the More Discerning Gentleman 

They say that Ibiza is an ageless destination but what if you are a gentleman of a certain age who still wants to experience San Antonio? Here is a list of do’s and dont’s (or the rules of engagement) for the fifty plus gentleman who just wants to have fun in the sun in Ibiza’s party town.

1. Never go to a club, it’s a nice thought but the late night will wipe you out

2. Don’t worry about No.1: Daytime is the new night time

3. Never expose bare flesh unless swimming

4. Wear what you want: shorts, flip flops, socks and sandals. Ibiza loves free spirits and some youngsters might even think you are “cooool”

5. Don’t despair, there are more older women than you think (normally mums of hens)

6. Day out on a boat is compulsory

7. Lunch at Ocean Beach is recommended – VIP access is vital

8. Stay away from drunken nights in the West End – a quick browse is fine but this ain’t your manor

9. It’s perfectly acceptable to stay in a San An hotel and you don’t have to pay ridiculous prices for a room 

10. Pre-party/Sunset at Mambo/Mint is a must – just don’t get talked into the after show

11. Blue Marlin on a Saturday is a good escape

12. Try to make friends with proprietors or bar owners, they are more your age and you will appear ‘in-the-know’ to younger partygoers

13. Be in bed by 2am at the very latest – it’s a jungle out there after that (Plastik VIP notwithstanding)

14. It’s more about long lunches than long nights. Try a ‘menu del dia’ for less than 10 euros

15. Be proud to tell everyone at home that you are “staying in San An!”

16. Never discuss age

17. When talking to the younger generation try not to say “back in the day”

18. Always mention you are personal friends with someone who owns a boat. Certain ladies seem to respond to this

19. Remember: You can have a good day or a good night but you can rarely have both

20. Never try to defend the West End – it’s just not worth it

21. A night at Pikes, dancing to 80s music in Freddie’s Bar, is compulsory. 

22. San An and surrounding bays have the best beaches on the island (best viewed from a boat)

24. You’re never too old for Ibiza – you just look it 🙂

25. June and September are the best months to  visit

26. Hire a car and discover remote parts of the island. 

27. Spend more time around the hotel pool making friends with your local knowledge, charm and banter. 

28. Don’t try to do too much, conserve energy wherever possible

29. Don’t be afraid to spend money or ‘buy’ friends. It’s Ibiza after all

30. Time is precious so use it well, it’s not a rehearsal

Thanks to Paul Riches for the idea/content. Dedicated to all those who should know better but point blank refuse to give up the ghost (especially Paul, Danny, Nigel, Lee, Kieran, Tom, Peter, Stu, John S, Phil, Dave Bee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, Tich and too many others to mention) 

Copyright: Man in San An 2016 

“10 Commandments for the Good Tourist”

San Antonio Town Hall Councillor (and teacher) Francisco Tienda gives us his 10 Commandments for the Good Tourist (and good Ibicencos who do not know how lucky they are to live where they live):

1. Let us accept that music in Ibiza is important but need not be in every corner of the island at every time of day. Please, a little silence is not a bad thing. 

2. What the sea leaves us on our beaches is not dirt but aquatic plants and algae that are necessary for the sea to remain so wonderful. What is dirt is what we throw into the water that does not belong to any marine ecosystem.

3. Any corner of any road is not a car park. As much as we pretend there will come a time when no more cars will fit on the island. At least park in a suitable place even if you have to walk a little. A stroll on our coastline and through our countryside is very agreeable, good for photos and great for your heart.

4. On our island live people with very different schedules to those on holiday. They lead normal lives, they work then they sleep. If you walk through the streets screaming at night they have every right to be upset at your behaviour.

5. Our streets are not beaches, please put some clothes on to walk around the town centre, not just a bikini or swimsuit. Agreed, there are some bodies that deserve to be shown but reserve that pleasure for the areas more suitable. 

6. We are a civilized island with rubbish bins and containers. No need to throw litter everywhere, it doesn’t cost anything to put it in the right places. The area around the containers is called a street not a compost heap. 

7. As much as the national and international press seek to convince otherwise, Ibiza is not a drug vending machine. Here is the same as anywhere else with tourism and nightlife. Nobody forces you to consume anything you shouldn’t, do not use the island to justify your actions as that is the cheapest excuse. 

8. The Island was here long before the clubs and they weren’t the first attractions either. The world doesn’t end when the clubs close its not a disaster of there’s no ‘carry on’. If you take off your sunglasses and stay a little sober you may find that you are in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

9. We are an island surrounded by salt water, around and below. Wasting drinking water hurts us ibicencos (or should). Be aware of this problem, especially those who come from a place where it rains 1000 times a year and have very large rivers.

10 Try to enjoy local food and centuries-old authentic Ibizan culture. The people of this island are warm and friendly and will make you feel at home. Although if you come only to drink your own drink, eat your own food, speak your own language, watch your football games and listen to your music without leaving your hotel pool …. you probably didn’t need to travel so far.

Source: Facebook

The Trouble with San An….

BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong was drawn into a small war of words this week whilst at the International Music Summit after describing San Antonio as ‘disappointing’ and ’embarrassing’.
I don’t know Mr Tong personally and I’ve been told by many friends that he is a good guy and has ‘done a lot to put Ibiza on the map’ but our town can really do without his snide asides and backhanded compliments. The reaction from San Antonio locals was predictably strong, shouting him down and berating his not too successful  (and very expensive) ‘Wonderland’ night at Eden a few years ago.

Of course it’s a free world and everyone is entitled to an opinion and I’m sure that Mr Tong and his band of merry men have had their comments taken out of context and didn’t intentionally go out to ‘bad mouth’ our little town but his comments are endemic of a wider problem, namely that San Antonio is an easy target especially within certain sections of the media and entertainment world.

Have you heard the story of the famous DJ (not Mr Tong btw) who will play ANYWHERE in the world EXCEPT San Antonio? He will play Wolverhampton, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Luton, Folkestone, Glasgow but not San Antonio because it’s ‘bad for his reputation’. Let that sink in a for a minute and you will start to understand the image problem we have amongst those who are paid plenty to arrange and play music to a crowd. They are not bothered about anywhere else but as soon as it comes to Ibiza there’s a strict hierarchy put in place by their management and hangers on.

You know who they are, you can picture them sitting around their VIP tables in London and when someone talks about Ibiza they get all animated and tell you that it’s the most amazing place in the world but then San Antonio is mentioned, the sneers and the “Oh but I don’t go there” comments start. These are the same people who regularly frequent Mambo, Pikes, Ibiza Rocks, Sa Capella, Villa Mercedes and other places but in their words “that’s not really San Antonio though is it?”

Well I’m afraid it is San Antonio, glorious in its flawed entirety and for all it’s faults has far more positives than negatives but ‘they’ don’t like to talk about that because it’s cool to have a sly dig and insinuate otherwise.

There’s not one place on the island that doesn’t have a compromise: Bossa, San An, Santa Eulalia, San Carlos, Portinatx, wherever. All amazingly different places and all catering to different markets but all are not for everyone. Bossa has more problems than it’s willing to admit to but this is counterbalanced by world class venues and a lovely mile long beach. Ibiza Town has many social issues but also has the most amazing old town, vibrant commerce and a real cosmopolitan buzz. San An has plenty of challenges but also some incredible bars, restaurants, amazing natural scenery, a friendly ex-pat population plus the most famous sunset in the world. 

But it’s just not cool to talk up San An because ‘they’ want you to believe otherwise but we on the West Coast have broad shoulders and will carry on doing our thing and banging the drum and improving year on year and when they eventually do come and see us, we will smile at the ‘pleasantly surprised’ comments about San An’s laid back attitude, incredible geography and a willingness to not take itself too seriously. Shame we can’t reciprocate the compliment to Mr Tong and friends.

Amnesia Last Minute Schedule Change

The standoff between Amnesia & San Antonio Council has taken another turn with the announcement that the SuperClub has changed its hours for its widely anticipated opening party. 

A statement from the club explains that it has decided to open from 4pm on 28 May and continue until 6am because it has been denied a morning licence and “despite the continuous obstacles and disadvantages….we will fight so that the magic continues in Ibiza and make sure the music never stops” encouraging people to use the hashtag #youwillneverdancealone 

This is part of an ongoing row which has seen the club continually flout the law by closing late and then paying the ensuing fines. Amnesia has had 31 sanctions over the last 2 years paying fines totalling 102,000 euros leading to San Antonio Town Hall’s decision to refuse the extended hours application for its owning party. 

Opening at 4pm is a surprising turn of events but Amnesia was left with no other option under current legislation if it wanted to extend its hours. Mirroring Space’s opening hours model is a risky strategy especially as other opening parties are on the same day however Amnesia has consistently delivered the goods and is rated by many as the best SuperClub opening on the White Isle.

Space to be ‘Converted into a Luxury Club’

As most Ibiza lovers will know the world famous Space Nightclub’s lease expires at the end of this summer so after 27 years the building will revert back to its owners, the Matutes Group, owners of Ushuaia and Hard Rock Hotel.

In the least surprising news of the week Abel Matutes Prats, CEO of Palladium Hotel Group and Vice President of Matutes Group has been talking about the future of the premises once Space has left and his intention to convert it into a luxury nightclub.

“We want to continue with the project to make Playa d’en Bossa into an entertainment area” said Matutes categorically denying continuing rumours about converting it into a shopping centre. “No, not at all” was his response. 

“We do not have to so why change” he said saying that they are “doing studies” before making a final decision. “It is still a bit early to say,” but when asked whether this is the last season of ‘Space’ on the island he laughed and said “we will see” but noted that the world famous ‘Space Ibiza’ brand is owned by Pepe Rosello.

What Matutes has made clear is their intention to create a different environment. “Obviously we want to keep it as a club but also want to dedicate it to the audience in which we are now focusing, which will be complementary to Ushuaïa”.

Matutes explained that the conversion of the club that launched Pepe Rosello and Space into the clubbing stratosphere will not be delayed and is a priority for the Palladium Group once this summer is out of the way. “We will get on with the reforms, concentrating on the club area” with the idea to reopen for summer 2017.

‘Pacha’ did it with ‘El Divino’, ‘Cirque du Soleil’ did it with the Ibiza Gran Hotel and it appears that ‘Ushuaia’ is going to do it with “Space”.

Source: Diario de Ibiza

Amnesia Closing Time: The Saga Continues

Ibiza SuperClub Amnesia has been refused a licence to extend it’s closing time for their forthcoming opening party on 14 May.

San Antonio Town Hall refused the application on the same day as it was revealed that the famous club had paid fines totalling 102,000 euros for 31 licence infractions over the last 2 years, 16 in 2014 and 15 in 2015. 

As the law stands Amnesia will need to close its doors by 6.30am at its opening party but it will be interesting to see their response to San Antonio Town Hall flexing its muscles. Relatively speaking 102,000 euros in fines amounts to a little more than a few VIP tables on a busy night so the club may well decide to thumb their nose at the authorities and risk further sanctions. Watch this space. 

Ibiza Govt Declares War on Illegal Holiday Rentals 

The Ibiza Island Council has confirmed that they are gearing up for a big crackdown on the illegal supply of tourist holiday homes.

With the help of a specialist computer program the Ibiza government say they will be able to keep track of all properties being advertised for rental on the internet and detect the ones that are doing so without a licence and therefore illegally.

The new software comes at a cost 3,000 euros and has been provided by a specialised company. “It is a perfect tool that has been created by people who know a lot in the matter,” said Vicent Torres ‘Benet’ the Island’s Director of Tourism.

The Ibiza government and other pressure groups blame the proliferation of illegal holiday homes for the alarming lack of annual rental accommodation available to residents. Rental platforms such as Airbnb and Holiday Lettings have given Ibiza home owners the opportunity to ‘cash in’ during the peak summer months however this has caused the demand for long term accommodation to reach unprecedented levels. The homeless charity Caritas has also weighed into the debate calling for urgent action citing that some workers with contracts are being forced to pay 500 euros per month to sleep on a balcony.

The island government say that the computer software will become effective ‘in the next 10 days’ to begin sweeping the net in search of properties being offered illegally for holiday rental.  According to Torres, the application will be “very important” to combat the problem. “This program provides so much information that the Tourism Inspectors can now open an investigation without visiting the site which was previously required”.

Those found to be illegally renting their properties face fines from 4,000 to 40,000 euros, depending on the severity of the offence. Legal tourist holiday homes must meet a series of requirements including a certain number of bathrooms as well as other health and safety features.

Source: Diario de Ibiza