Ibiza Covid-19 Update – Tuesday 17/03/20

The Covid-19 crisis here in Ibiza and Spain is a quickly moving situation but Islanders appear to be remaining calm.

The first working day of the lockdown was a strange affair. Whilst the majority stayed indoors, a lot of people went about their daily jobs as normal. The building sites were busy, the council workers still digging holes and fixing roadsigns. When is a lockdown not a lockdown – when it’s an Ibiza lockdown of course 🙂

Things will change in the coming days. To underline the seriousness of the situation the Spanish government has brought in new laws overnight with fines ranging from 100 – 600,000 EUR for infractions during the state of alarm. Also civil disobedience can be punished by up to 18 months in prison.

Ibiza has got it easy though as it’s still our off-season. Looking across the water to Benidorm, they have a big problem with tourists (mainly Brits) refusing to stay indoors as they want to ‘enjoy’ their holiday. It may be St Patrick’s long weekend but the reality of the situation is yet to hit home for some.

Spain closed its land borders last night which was not unexpected and in line with what other European countries have done. Ibiza Airport remains open but there were many cancelled flights and it’s only a matter of time before international flights cease to arrive except for government sponsored ‘mercy flights’. National flights will also cut back and heavily regulated.

Meanwhile an action plan has been put in place to repatriate all tourists from Spain to there own country. There were 25 international flights leaving the Balearics on Monday, all hotels in the Balearics will soon be closed until they get the green light to re-open again.

Ibiza is in the precarious position of receiving daily flights from Madrid where the Covid-19 virus is prevalent. Madrid has over 4000 cases whereas Ibiza has only 2 but can Spain stop its residents from returning to their family homes? If the virus continues to spread without hindrance then the answer is yes but the worry is that it could be too little too late with all eyes looking to the summer season.

The spontaneous applause happening all over Ibiza and Spain at 8pm goes viral every night. It’s a glorious show of unity towards all those working on the frontline during the crisis. Long may it continue but hopefully not for too long (if you know what I mean).

Government institutions are open but many are operating by telephone and e-commerce only. The post office is open 9.30-12.30 but restrictions may apply to limit numbers and social interaction so please be patient.

As always local government websites and credible social media pages are the best places to gather important information and please pass on wherever possible.

These are unprecedented times with so much happening on a daily basis but things will calm down as the rules tighten. All we can do is put our faith in the new measures, support the health workers, follow the guidelines and hope for a speedy resolution.

Best Regards

Special thanks to Lesley Donald and Tricia Templeton


Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

3 thoughts on “Ibiza Covid-19 Update – Tuesday 17/03/20”

  1. Hello from Formentera

    We too are lockdown, ferries are restricted and checks made on arrivals to see what their motives for visit are.
    No confirmed cases of virus as all was a false alarm when someone was airlifted to Ibiza.
    We are used to being isolated by bad weather so that is not such a new thing and sometimes we run out of things in the supermarket during storms so actually it’s better as the supermarkets are prepared for visitors too so their shelves are very well stocked and there is little evidence of storing up.
    Lots of wine in the shelves so no panic.
    There are checks on the road to know where you are traveling to.
    As we know, work, pharmacy and shops permitted.
    Roads look like a bomb has dropped somewhere !! Not a soul.
    I have a horse so I have an excuse to feed and attend him. Never have I been so glad of that excuse to get out
    I also have a dog
    Perhaps I’ll rent him by the hour to friends who are going stir crazy.
    Beaches and parks are out of bounds
    Play parks too. No bicycles and no running or sports and no children’s playgrounds.
    I’m sorry about the parks and beaches as I really don’t understand in Formentera as these are spaces where no one congregates and a health walk ( alone) I’m sure has more benefits than staying inside
    When I walk my dog I never meet anyone in the winter months.
    But ok it’s the new rules.
    Let’s hope we stay free of contagion enough time to alleviate the health system although it’s just a matter of time till our dear guests from Italy bring us a souvenir !
    Let’s hope that high dosage vitamin c
    Really does the trick and staves of heavy symptoms.
    Wishing all our neighbours well in Ibiza

    Signing off from Formentera
    Aka ( Alcatraz)


  2. Always the spanish governments approach to any situation. Stupidly excessive fines that workless people have no chance of paying. What one person sees as a necessity, a policeman might not. The government just sees a money raising opportunity out of every scenario. Absolutely shameless excuse to fill it;s depleted coffers


  3. Hi, although from the island I am currently in Galicia where as until last week we only had minor cases of the virus. The lock down hit us as in all of Spain and I would just like to say don’t underestimate what is happening. Our virus cases are doubling everyday, the army are here to make sure that everyone stays home and only goes out if necessary it is so important not just to protect you but others as well.


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