Wednesday 18/03/20 – Ibiza Covid 19 Update

Tuesday was a very busy day for new information coming in. Here’s an overview of the evolving situation in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands with regards to Covid19.

There are now 10 cases of the virus on the island. 6 are at home, 4 are in hospital with 1 in a critical condition.

Police are becoming a lot more visible on the streets with an increase in fines handed out to anybody outdoors without justification.

Road blocks have been set up in prominent places questioning all cars of their destination and intentions. The army have been deployed in Mallorca so there’s a high likelihood that will happen in Ibiza very soon.

The major development in the Balearics is that all international flights & private jets have been cancelled although there will be 1 flight per company per day from Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Palma.

These flights must be at reduced capacity to allow passengers to sit away from each other and any foreign nationals arriving on the islands will have to prove Spanish residency on arrival via green certificate.

The flights situation is likely to become tighter as the crisis moves forward and a complete shutdown may happen. If you really want to get back to Ibiza any time soon then jump on the next available flight.

All tourists in the Balearics and Spain will be repatriated to their own countries over the next few days and until then they should abide by the rules and regulations. There are 123 Spanish Pensioners staying in 2 hotels in Santa Eulalia who will be flown home today or tomorrow.

All boats and ferries have been cancelled until further notice except for cargo. Formentera is an exception and will run 3 ferries per day with reduced numbers for health reasons.

Supermarkets on the island are well stocked and remain open and home deliveries are running as normal. Some smaller shops remain open that sell fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, petrol, telephones, bakeries, small computer shops, florists, tobacconists and press.

Those shops that must remain CLOSED are textiles, clothes, hardware and paint, electrical goods, furniture, shoes, sports, jewellers, books and 2nd hand goods.

The Spanish Prime Minister has promised a huge economic rescue package of 200 billion euros protecting workers rights, helping with mortgage payments and special conditions for self employed people to help carry on their business. Your gestoria or legal advisor will have more details.

Pharmacies remain open and the amazing Can Misses hospital continues as usual but with more health restrictions in place. You should check by phone if your appointment is still valid. The hospital is ringing patents wherever possible to confirm. Repeat prescriptions will be automatically renewed for the next 2 months.

The mobile vehicle inspection unit at the convention centre has been closed down as it couldn’t comply with distances required to prevent contact. All ITV stations in Spain are now closed. The Ibiza Island council is in the process of organising a safe haven and food for those people living on the streets, they will prepare 30 beds at the Blancadona Sports Centre with possibility of more. Hoteliers are providing beds and sheets.

Regarding public transport, the Island Council are studying suspending services that aren’t used at the moment and upping frequencies on others that people need to get to work.

The King of Spain will make a live TV broadcast to the nation this evening at 9pm where he will appeal for calm during these unprecedented times.

As always local government websites and credible social media pages are the best places to gather important information and please pass on wherever possible.

The situation is evolving every day however the message is very clear – please stay at home wherever possible and keep a cool and calm head. By following these guidelines, together, we will beat this disease and get on with the rest of our lives.

Best Regards

Special thanks to Lesley Donald and Tricia Templeton who are working hard to provide all important information.


Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 18/03/20 – Ibiza Covid 19 Update”

  1. Good clear information for those that don’t speak much Spanish, but would have been worth repeating that farmacias are open and bars, restaurants, and music venues etc. are all closed. Regards Susan


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