The Strange Case of Es Paradis

Clockwork Orange at Es Paradis – 20 July 2018

Clockwork Orange back taking over San Antonio’s Es Paradis Nightclub for 1 night has stirred something special in many people.

Full to the rafters with a good crowd listening to great music reminded us of days gone by when Ibiza was a whole different animal. It reminded us of long queues, of Danny Gould holding court with his goatee beard and cheeky grin and that Essex twang rising above all the other voices, everyone trying to get his attention for a freebie on the door (the term ‘guest list’ wasn’t around then).

But most of all it reminded us that Es Paradis is probably the most beautiful club in the world. Yes you read that right.

The 2018 Clockwork Orange experience has brought back all those memories of the amazing Es Paradis nights of Black & White, DJ Sammy, Clockwork Orange, UFO, Twice as Nice and the world famous ‘Fiesta del Agua’ water party.

The pyramid shaped club that dominates central San Antonio has been quiet of late, mainly down to mis-management. The years haven’t been kind to Es Paradis, other clubs have come into the marketplace and revolutionised the way we have fun. The pioneers have redesigned Ibiza, some people will say for the better and some may disagree but Ibiza is a constantly evolving destination where to succeed you have to stay ahead of the game.

Es Paradis was in a prime position to capitalise but they decided to take a different route. Who really knows why? Why would you purposely set out to upset as many people as possible. Some good people have tried and all have failed to reignite the flame. Speak to previous staff members and they will tell you the same story: You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

But San Antonio needs this club right now. The town is under pressure to compete with other resorts and destinations with a coalition council that doesn’t know what it wants. The new closing time law brought in this summer that sees the majority of bars close at 3am also means that you will never have a better opportunity to capitalise on the 3am-6am slot which is traditionally the clubbing hours on the White Isle.

Eden Nightclub’s current success directly across the road from Es Paradis has shown that there is light at the of the tunnel in making San Antonio credible in the clubbing world and that if you work hard with the right attitude then you will get your just desserts in a very tough market with plenty of competition. San Antonio needs to offer quality nights so clubbers don’t have to leave the resort and also to attract a new demographic to the town.

What Clockwork Orange has done is remind us of how Es Paradis used to be and how it should be again in the future and as a town we shouldn’t settle for anything less.

San Antonio deserves to have 2 major clubs and if the current owners of Es Paradis aren’t interested then they owe it to the town to pass the baton on to one of the many dynamic entrepreneurs who would love to be at the helm of one of the most beautiful clubs in the world…and again you did read that right. Viva San Antonio.

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

2 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Es Paradis”

  1. Es Paradis had the proper Old Skool buzz on Monday 21st May too when SOS Ibiza took it over for the White Party with everyone dressed to match the club and the DJ line-up took everyone back to 1988-92.

    It was an incredible atmosphere full of pure love

    Here’s to another week of Strictly Old Skool next May too


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