The glorious ever changing White Island, never failing to shock and surprise. No two years are ever the same and 2017 has proved to be interesting so far. Here’s 8 things that have surprised even the ManinSanAn office this summer.

HÏ IBIZA – OK, so it’s not such a surprise that Ibiza’s new superclub has taken cool hedonism to a whole different level but there were a few who doubted that it could better its illustrious predecessor. It hasn’t, because after an expensive refurbishment that lays down the gauntlet to other top end clubs, it’s managed to forge its own identity in double quick time. “Et voila” as Yann might say.

COTTON FITNESS CLUB – the former home of ‘Coastline’ in San An (remember that) has been transformed with a concept that many thought was impossible: Find a use for a frontline business premises where music is all but banned! Combining wellness with fitness and relaxation whilst overlooking the worlds most famous sunset has rejuvenated this spot. Time will tell whether it’s a viable business (those membership fees!) or just a whimsical dream but for the moment it’s a welcome addition to the island.

NIKKI BEACH IBIZA – after a couple of years of quiet anonymity this world renowned brand has finally found its Ibiza feet after teaming up with famous party organisers ‘Sintillate’. Differentiating itself against its rivals with fine dining and a service heavy ambiance in a genuine beach location has so far proved the doubters wrong attracting an older affluent crowd, ironically turning on its head the notion that Santa Eulalia wasn’t the right location as people seek a break from San An and Bossa.

ROAD TRAFFIC – Not all surprises are welcome and Ibiza’s traffic problems show no sign of abating with its current free for all policy for residents, tourists and car hire companies.  2017 is shaping up to be the busiest in Ibiza’s relatively short history yet the government appears to be in denial hiding behind European law (that old chestnut) leaving many of us stuck in traffic for large portions of the day. Something’s got to give sooner or later before the island becomes one big bumper to bumper traffic jam.

THE WEATHER – the hottest start to a summer for over 40 years following on from the wettest winter since records began fits nicely into Ibiza’s excessive reputation. So far the mercury has been steadily rising since April and with the July and August just around the corner you can expect some serious summer meltdowns as the heat becomes unbearable. Make sure that your air-con has been serviced!

SAN AN RENAISSANCE – no ManinSanAn blog is complete without a spurious plug for my home town but I’m happy to report that it’s entirely justified on this occasion (honest). A crackdown on illegals in the fractious West End by a specially formed police force has started a clean up operation that can only be positive (except for the illegals of course). Hotel investment is on the rise and the local blue chip companies are smashing all records whilst keeping thousands happy on a daily basis (plus allowing their Facebook friends to see what a fantastic time they are having in san An). Soon it might even become fashionable for the Ibiza Town pretenders to stop sniping about the islands 2nd largest town (but we won’t hold our breath).

SAN AN WORKERS – you can’t help thinking that point 6 may be related in a small way to the San An Workers era is drawing to a close. The town can breathe a little more easily without bearded tattooed wannabes strolling around without a care in the world and the years of several thousand ‘workers’ descending on the island to party for summer and not doing any actual work are all but over as rental prices have rocketed and lilo sales have hit record levels. Only the ones with a job (wow) are now able to afford to stay while the others in hotels will be gone by early July when prices rise substantially (note: people staying hotels are usually called tourists). It was interesting while it lasted.

PROPERTY PRICES – the simple economics of supply and demand on a small island has seen a boom in property prices over the last 18 months culminating into a crescendo of street protests as affordable housing is gradually replaced by refurbished apartments advertised on Airbnb at 300 Euros per night. Rental prices have become eye watering as a result so whilst doctors, teachers and civil servants scrabble for reasonably prices rooms those who purchased when the market was at its lowest (only a few years ago) can pop open the cava. No one said that living on the worlds most famous (and some might say beautiful) island was gonna be easy.

Anything I’ve left out? Contact me by via Facebook, Twitter or email. Note: No kids or San An workers were harmed whilst writing this article from the comfort of my own office.

Copyright: ManinSanAn 2017

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

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