As your timeline probably tells you it’s that time of the year when Ibiza is full of professional footballers enjoying their summer break. From world stars to lower league workhorses, they all love to come to the white isle during their few weeks of downtime. Some like to keep their heads down and stay out of the limelight while others love to bling up their Instagram with endless selfies.

Here’s the top 5 places in Ibiza and Formentera to spot some famous footballers. 

Cristiano and friends hanging tough in Ibiza

5. PRIVATE YACHT: Footballers are considered wealthy however only a select few can afford the serious cash needed for these floating palaces. Only yesterday (12/6/17) LIONEL MESSI, LUIS SUAREZ and CESC FABREGAS were pictured aboard a super yacht moored off the coast of Formentera.  FRANK LAMPARD was a guest on Roman Ambrovich’s superyacht ‘Eclipse’ a few years back while WAYNE ROONEY tried the yacht thing but didn’t like it by all accounts. Last summer the worlds 2 biggest footballers CRISTIANO RONALDO and LIONEL MESSI were parked only a few metres apart on their respective yachts. Follow Mojito Man Ibiza on Instagram for more pics

Leo Chillaxing

4. JUAN Y ANDREA RESTAURANT, Es Palmador, Formentera: The above superstars on their hired megyachts need shore time and refreshments and there’s nowhere they prefer more than J & A on the waters edge of one of the worlds best beaches. This place has come along way since it was a shack serving spaghetti bolognese for 800 PTAS (£3.50), now it is THE place for the rich and famous to hang out for long lobster lunches at eye watering prices. Mixed in with the usual A-listers, internet millionaires and Arab sheiks are the the few selected footballers staying on yachts or just popping over on a day trip. 

Leo, Luis and Cesc onboard their hired Super yacht. PIC:MOJITOMAN IBIZA

3. PLAYA D’EN BOSSA: It’s hard to select one place in this resort that attracts more footy players than the next so let’s just say the entire area. Whether it be the Hard Rock Hotel, Ushuaia, Nassau, the Beach House or Bora Bora there’s plenty of places for them to get suitably messy after a hard season kicking a ball. It remains to be seen if Hï Ibiza becomes as famous for football stars as its predecessor but I wouldn’t bet against it.

Fernando Torres at Cala Bassa

2. CALA BASSA BEACH CLUB: Spanish footballers absolutely love this place and drag their international team mates along for the ride. This beach is always bustling but it doesn’t stop World Cup winners FERNANDO TORRES, DAVID VILLA, CARLES PUJOL and many more from hanging out at CBbC, eating the fine food and relaxing whilst their families chill out on the gorgeous beach. The whole place is Italian owned so there’s usually a good chance to spot a few Azurri players such as ANDREA PIRLO taking it easy in the sun. 

Pirlo and Soldado at CBbC

1. OCEAN BEACH IBIZA: This is the mecca for nearly all British footballers visiting the island, no matter what their level. From Premier League stars such as DELE ALLI, DANNY WELBECK, ROSS BARKLEY, JACK WILSHERE, ANDY CARROLL, JOE HART and PETER CROUCH to lower league journeymen this is where they hangout for some daytime fun in the sun. At certain times of the summer you can’t move in OBI for footballers mingling in with the usual reality TV wannabe’s. For those wanting extra bling there is the owners table while others opt for a bed in the pool. Follow Wayne Lineker on Instagram for more pics. 

Messrs Alli, Hart, Barkley and Welbeck at Ocean Beach
Love this pic!
Wanna fight? Still hanging tough!

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

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