San Antonio Council to Remove all West End Terraces for Summer 2017

Noise Pollution Map of San Antonio

The coalition council of San Antonio is preparing plans to remove all terraces from the streets of the West End to try and cut noise levels in the town centre.

The move is based on 2 technical studies carried out which backs up the local governments position that the West End is the main source of noise pollution in the town centre and its surroundings areas. 

Councillor Pablo Valdes confirmed the story to the Diario de Ibiza saying that the new bye-law is almost drafted and that the council hopes to vote it in by January at the very latest. He also confirmed that the new law will only affect the West End and not the area by the fountains known locally as ‘Passeig des Fonts’. 

The overall objective is to reduce the noise levels during the summer months which is one of the main factors contributing to the depopulation of the West End by its residents. According to the latest study the number of people affected by noise exceeding 55 decibels (the maximum allowed) would be reduced by 11% if the terraces were removed although much of the West End noise pollution exceeds 80 decibels, “which is barbaric” said Valdes

The Council will with either stop authorising terraces or demand that chairs and tables be removed by 11pm because “the residential use of the area must be made compatible with its tourist use”. 

Valdes justified targeting only the West End by saying “it is the only place in town where there are terraces on public roads until 3am or 4am in the morning, we can’t ignore the results of the study”. 

Currently there are 150 residents living in and around San Antonio’s West End who have to endure noise generated by over 50 bars that are open all night. The government team admits that the eradication of the terraces will not totally solve the problem because “there are other sources of noise” but considers that it will have a beneficial influence.

Valdes also admitted that the new bye-laws may be subject to a legal challenge but is confident that the technical studies will be a reasonable defence for the change.

Pablo Valdes, Environmental Councillor for San Antonio

Source: Diario de Ibiza 

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

7 thoughts on “San Antonio Council to Remove all West End Terraces for Summer 2017”

  1. Smoke screen who writes these posts?
    Where are these 150people?
    Are there maybe above bars which most are workers seasonal workers can’t see them complaining.
    So simply the same as the jackets the same as the prs the same as the drinks on sale
    Its the owners of the bars complaining
    Dont believe for one second its 150 residents
    Now its the terraces
    Everyones screwed each other
    Well done guys good luck for the summer


  2. Same people that decided to ban prs from the streets to stop tourists getting hassled, that worked a treat didn’t it? As someone who worked both legally and illegally in the west end for several years I can’t see how this is beneficial for businesses. Also if you live in the west end you understand that it will be noisey. If you want quiet don’t live in the west end.


    1. The same situation every season Mark the people who complain argue with the bar owners every season and are already well known for there anger towards this but 150 of them no
      Not buying this!
      This goes deeper towards bars and there trading and 100% smoke screen against bars and the owners and the thing is they know who they are.
      So we have a situation picture this west end going to have everyone standing outside bars anyway so hows this going to be controlled?
      And as for these 150 well they are not seen on the main stretch in the summer or winter so where are they living because currently west end is only full of empty cold appartments collecting dust waiting for workers in the summer months to live in


    2. Nice to see the writer of the blog liking comments of friends of friends on issues
      Let him know that the person making unkind comments on issues has a so called 17 members of staff in a bar last season
      Finding it very hard to believe these we’re all on contracts as small fortune comes to mind


    1. You say that but it is well known that certain bars are also in the town hall every other day Winter and Summer.
      Moaning,protesting not suprised the town hall have had enough.
      Funny thing is most of them are English/Scottish/Irish
      As per usual they are all screwing each other over.
      The main strecth has been the same for years dont like competion and people doing well
      They’d never get away with it if they had to move back to there hometowns they’d be no ones.
      Bars in the uk would laugh at them
      Oh you can’t do this,you can’t do that
      Most have been doing the things for nearly 20years.So what’s the difference now
      Oh yeah they can now stand on there peddle stone and say its law😂
      Jokers theres alway been laws and they’ve been breaking them for years
      Most of them think they rule SanAn quite funny really get over yourselves😂😂
      You run a bar not an Empire
      Also had to laugh a bar owner saying just to weather the storm for 2 years😯
      Nice to know they can survive 2 years without worrying 😠
      Anyway while most of them are off around the world now enyoying there winters
      Not a bad life they have serving a few drinks 4months of the year
      Glad i left there all backstabbers


  3. I wish people will stop commenting on posts about these so called residents complaining maybe one or two blocks in the area yes for sure.
    Its the bars complaining about each other bars
    When are people gonna wake up and smell the coffee on the issue
    Its well known to the area on who spends all there efforts in the West End to sort out certain issues.
    Simple West End people are going to put the West End out of buisiness
    Not the MPs
    The MPs are sick probably to the back teeth of people making these complaints
    So easy to see why they are trying too impose this
    No one gets on thats the problem
    You’d think the current state
    Euro sinking in price
    San Antonio losing people due to lucky luckys
    High rents
    Prices of clubs and drinks(ibiza)
    Late night drinks sold in shops
    More all inclusives than ever
    That people would at least try to get on


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