Ibiza Covid19 Update 21/04/20

Covid19 figures for Ibiza & Formentera on 20/04/20 were as follows (via Periodico de Ibiza)

152 cases in total
70 Active Cases
30 in hospitals being monitored
11 in hospitals in intensive care
29 under surveillance at home
71 Discharged
11 fatalities

For the first time cured patients outnumber active cases.

1 health worker at home being controlled by UVAC
23 health workers under ‘active surveillance’
These figures are updated daily at 1pm by Balearic Health Office

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Saturday evening that he will seek approval to extend the current state of alarm to 11 May but there would be a “cautious and progressive” deescalation of confinement measures including the opportunity for children to leave home under controlled circumstances from April 27. More details are expected in the coming days.

Maria Antonia Font, the Director for Balearic Public Health has said that when kids are eventually allowed outside they must avoid crowds and respect the 2 metre distancing protocol. She also said hand hygiene will be essential when leaving and returning home plus extra care must be taken when touching public benches and other objects. Font said children’s outings will need to be “very organised, following all the guidelines.”

Island Council President Vicent Mari has said that it will be health authorities that decide when the island reopens for business. This was in response to Yolanda Díaz the employment ministers comments that it might not be until the end of the year.

Mari said “we have now passed the control phase and we are in the stabilisation phase, looking at the number of those infected, it is time to analyse the measures in advance to see how we are going to get out of the crisis.” He continued to say that Ibiza and Formentera will be one of the first territories in Spain to leave behind the confinement phase “since the ports and airports on the islands are easier to control”. However he said that this will happen by carrying out large scale testing “to find out who are the virus carriers, even if they are asymptomatic, and thus be able to take to the streets with the guarantees of minimal contagion.”

Balearic President Francina Armengol announced via her twitter account that 17 more tonnes of personal protection equipment including gowns, masks and glove has arrived taking the total to 80 tonnes. She finished the message by saying “Lets not lower our guard”.

The Ibiza Leisure association say that ‘only a miracle’ would see the Islands big nightclubs opening this summer due to the fact that these are the last businesses that will be allowed to open. Spokesman José Luis Benítez said that the spirits in the sector is low: “the situation is bleak” he said, however “the priority is to protect the health of workers and customers”. Benítez added that the 2021 season would be “spectacular”.

San Antonio Mayor Marcos Serra has said that when the crisis is over and it’s safe to mingle once again that the town will host ‘The biggest birthday party in the history of the town’ for all the kids who didn’t have the chance to celebrate with their friends during the lockdown.

Dia de Sant Jordi (St Georges Day) on the 23 April will be celebrated on the island via social networks for the first time ever. Residents can get involved from their own homes with the programme of events throughout the day that include storytelling, musical performances and juggling. at 1pm there will be a performance from the Sant Jordi Folkloric Group and in the afternoon the children’s activities will start again. There will also be contests on literature or photography, children can submit drawings to educacio@santjosep.org

Spanish Authorities have specifically warned about fake news so local government websites and credible press/social media pages are the best places to gather important information, please pass on wherever possible.

The situation is evolving but the message is very clear – please stay at home and keep a cool and calm head. By following these guidelines, together, we will beat this disease and get on with the rest of our lives.

Best Regards – Stay Safe and Stay Home

With special thanks to Lesley Donald, Tricia Templeton and Julian Cobby


Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

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