Ibiza Covid19 Update – Monday 23/03/20

As we enter the 2nd week of lockdown here’s an overview for Monday 23 March 2020 of all relevant Ibiza Covid19 information from the last few days.

· Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Sunday that the State of Alarm, that currently runs until 29 March, will be extended for 2 more weeks until 11 April. This needs approval from Spain’s lower house, the Congress of Deputies, but this should be a formality. If passed the lockdown will continue until the Easter weekend. Congress will vote on March 25.

· Ibiza now has 31 confirmed cases of the virus and has experienced its 1st death, an 85 year old man with underlying health issues. 14 patients have been admitted to Can Misses Hospital and are in a stable condition, 4 are serious in intensive care and 13 are showing mild symptoms and are isolating at home under the supervision of the UVAC. There are currently 331 cases in the Balearic Islands with 9 deaths and 17 discharges.

· UVAC (Unidades Volantes de Atención al Covid19) are the mobile ‘Flying Covoid19 Care Units’. Ibiza has 5 and Formentera has 1. Each UVAC is staffed with a doctor, nurse and driver who have received special training and education. Their objective is to professionally care for patients infected with Covid19 offering safe and quality home care, treating infected cases with mild symptoms in a stable clinical situation and guaranteeing adequate levels of infection prevention for the people living with the patient.

· A resident at the Can Blai retirement home in Santa Eulalia has tested positive for the virus and is in hospital. All other residents and 6 staff have been tested and are awaiting results.

· By next week the Balearic Islands should have a new rapid test available that can confirm the presence of the virus within 10 minutes. Tests will be carried out on mild patients and will be coordinated from the Islands’ health centres. The tests can also be carried out at the affected person’s home, in a mobile health unit or in a special area set up in health centres.

· Francesc Albertí, spokesman for the Autonomous Committee for the Management of Infectious Diseases said “Rapid service points will be created in the different health centres so we can do the test right there. As soon as we have them, we will start straight away”, he also added that UVAC professionals will decide who take the test.

· The telephone line for questions and queries about the virus that launched last Wednesday registered about 100 calls during its first 3 days of operation according to the management at Can Misses Hospital. Anyone showing symptoms compatible with Covid19 (cough, fever or fatigue) or for any other health matter should call 971 437079 or 902 079079 to have a telephone assessment and be advised of the next steps.

· Blancadona sports centre, near the convention centre in Ibiza, is now operational as a provisional homeless shelter. By the 3rd night there was 32 people (29 men/3 women) using the facility which has 50 spaces but this can be increased to 70. The Spanish Red Cross will be responsible for the installation with a staff of 10 who take turns to facilitate the different services. There are also 2 security guards at all times. In addition to beds, users have showers and toilets and use of washing machines. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served through a catering service. If you know anyone requiring help contact the social services, Red Cross or Civil Protection Agency.

· The Ibiza Island Council’s Office for Women has set up an extra facility to accommodate victims of gender violence. Although this was planned before the state of alarm it has been accelerated to respond to a possible increase in cases of ill-treatment due to confinement. Island Minister for welfare, Carolina Escandell explained that each of the 8 rooms can take a woman (and child) so that they have their own space and privacy but stressed that the facility can be further adapted if required to offer between 10 and 15 places. If you know anyone requiring help contact the social services, Red Cross or Civil Protection Agency

· The Ibiza Island Council has introduced an on-demand bus service for weekdays for those most affected by the cutbacks to public transport. Minibuses will operate but you must reserve them by 7pm the night before. For more information on the affected lines you can call the Consell Insular on 19 59 00 or visit the web portal eivissa.tib.org. +MORE DETAILS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.

· A new flight timetable has come in to effect for connections to Madrid (Iberia), Barcelona (Vueling) and Palma (Air Europa).

· There are daily flights to Palma and Barcelona with Madrid available 3 times per week on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. You can only travel if you are a health worker, returning to your habitual residence, for justified work reasons or caring for a dependent. Those arriving in Ibiza should expect delays of around an hour as controls are in place. Check airline websites for full availability.

· Police have been saying to dog owners that their pets can only be exercised within 10 metres of their front door. The official wording of the law says ‘neighbourhood’ but police are becoming more hardline after some owners were found to be flouting the guideline taking their pets for long walks.

· Supermarkets are advising to keep receipts in case customers are stopped in the street. During roadblocks police have been advising that only one shop per week is allowed so common sense is recommended if you are currently leaving the house several times per week to shop.

· Many fines are still being given out for non justified presence on the streets including a reported case of a person being fined for coughing without covering their mouth. The Local Police in Ibiza, with help of the National Police, has handed out 60 fines in the last 4 days for failure to comply with the state of alarm. In addition, 785 vehicles have been controlled and 547 people have been identified. Police are also warning against the unnecessary movement of residents between homes.

· Mari Mayans, the local distillers of the famous hierbas brand has offered the Government of Spain 12,000 litres of alcohol that it has in storage as well as the use of it’s facilities should they need it in the fight against the global pandemic.

· The authorities have specifically warned about fake news so local government websites and credible press/social media pages are the best places to gather important information, please pass on wherever possible.

· The situation is evolving every day however the message is very clear – please stay at home wherever possible and keep a cool and calm head. By following these guidelines, together, we will beat this disease and get on with the rest of
our lives.

Best Regards – Stay Safe and Stay Home

With special thanks to Lesley Donald and Tricia Templeton


The affected lines and numbers to call to arrange service on demand
L16 Sant Carles-Santa Eulària and L18 es Canar-Santa Eulària
provided by HF Vilás (971 317 306-659 60 56 25, ibiza@sagales.com

L33 Sant Mateu-Santa Gertrudis by Autocares Lucas Costa
971 31 27 55 – 654 501332, autocareslucascosta@gmail.com

L11 Ses Salines-Ibiza , L15 Cala Llonga-Ibiza, L30 Santa Agnès-Sant Antoni and L42B es Cubells, Cala Vedella and Cala Tarida) by Voramar el Gaucho
(971 34 04 12 – 647 35 1153, reservas.ibiza @ alsa.es)

Author: Martin Makepeace

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