New decade, new rules, new hopes, new dreams! In these changing times Ibiza is constantly evolving and right at the forefront is San Antonio. Here’s 9 reasons why San An is going to be massive in 2020.

1. New Hotels – WOW! San An was always under served when it came to good hotels but not any more as the town and bay now have more quality places to lay your head than ever before. From the fantastic Wiki-Woo with its eclectic trippy design to Cubanito via Axel Beach and the Beach Star, the rock n roll heritage of Pikes, Ocean Beach to Mambo’s Sa Clau, Hostal La Torre and Las Mimosas and all the way back to Casa Cook via Blau Park, Sol Bahia and the reformed Hotel Abrat. Take your pick!

2. Entrepreneurs – Ibiza is forever changing and San An is blessed with charismatic forward thinkers always looking for new ways to trade, bringing new ideas to the town. This is why Ibiza is the envy of European tourism with San An right at the heart of it. No wonder the guys from Es Vive have bought a new hotel right in the heart of San Antonio, they see the potential where others don’t.

3. O Beach Lagoon – Those crafty O(cean) Beach Boys have taken over the Surf House next door and have added it to their already impressive list of businesses. They are promising to make it very different while continuing to be family friendly so we can expect to be wow-ed with amazing food and drink and their trademark tip-top service, all whilst overlooking the sea.

4. Sunset Strip – The jewel in the crown that drags 1000’s to San Antonio and the West Coast every evening . The best sunset in the world? Probably but with all those well oiled sunset bars offering great service plus the genuinely famous names that Mambo have playing most nights adds up to one of THE Ibiza experiences. Sunset on the sunset strip continues to be like no other.

5. New Mayor – Marcos Serra has gone from IT office worker to San An Mayor in 5 short years but he has already shown his intent by getting tough with the towns bars that aren’t playing by the rules while also trying to extend the opening hours a little. His energy levels are impressive and he has a real will to change the town, a much needed breath of fresh air who’s door is always open.

6. Ibiza Rocks Hotel – Rocks Hotel has gone from edgy evening venue to day time pool party heaven showcasing new acts and old school showstoppers on a daily basis. The swing to daytime has seen them redefine their product with a newly designed outdoor space and arguably the best bar on the whole island, the immersive hotel experience they give is like no other. Pure hedonism.

7. VIP Heaven: There’s a popular misconception with ‘VIP’ that it’s full of snobby millionaires looking down on the poor people. That may be the case at other venues but not in San Antonio where the VIP experience is all about large groups of friends having their own space to enjoy a special experience. When it comes to VIP, San Antonio does it better than most.

8. West End: Now before you start spitting out your morning coffee hear me out. The Mayor has already shown his passion for this part of town and is determined to make it better. The West End offers a fun, inexpensive night out that’s a million miles away from ultra-expensive super clubs. Stay away from the stupid drinks offers and have a walk around and experience all that it has to offer including the boutiques 2 streets back and the vast array of restaurants near the fountains. It’s an eye-opener in more ways than one.

9. Fine Food: The recent announcement that Ibiza’s first ever Michelin star has been awarded to Es Tragon restaurant in San Antonio sent shockwaves through the Ibiza culinary world. This restaurant is about to go stratospheric but when it comes to all types of food San An and the bay are very well served on all fronts, if you are a foodie then you won’t be disappointed (food blog on it’s way soon).

Note: This is my BLOG NO. 300 – thanks to everyone for taking the time to read and send feedback (good and bad).

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.


  1. nice but unbalanced and not open minded article – what a listening to “9 nine reasons Sant Antoni sucks in 2020” and why official passenger arrival numbers through Ibiza airport for year is down 10% in 2017 – 15% in 2018 and at least another 15% in 2019 = 40% over the 3 years !!! Run an open forum at learn something instead just trying to promote nice news …..


    1. Contrary to Martins lovely article the island seems to be beyond greedy and needs a wake up call. Maybe a drop in numbers will help. I doubt it though.


  2. I’m not sure who this is aimed at or what the point of this article is? Yes very positive but all very plastic.
    I enjoy reading Martins articles but the business inspired motives means you really have to read between the lines.


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