Colin Butts: A Tribute

Colin Butts has sadly passed away aged 58 after a brave fight against cancer. He was known to many as the co-owner of Plastik in San Antonio and also as a screenwriter and a published author of 3 books plus 1 more in the pipeline.

After a tough London upbringing Colin’s introduction to Ibiza was as a holiday rep in the 80’s and it was this experience which led him to pen his 1st book ‘Is Harry on the Boat’ in 1997 about a group of first year reps looking for fun. The book was a pre-reality TV, no holds barred expose but wasn’t an overnight success, it was only because of Colin’s tenacious attitude that it eventually went on to sell well into 6 figures.

By this time Colin was living in Ibiza full time and along with his business partners had opened ‘Plastik’ Bar in San Antonio. Colin’s love of music had seen him come up with the idea of merging a recording studio with a record shop and a bar giving something fresh to the town. It gave his numerous celebrity contacts somewhere cool to hang out in San An and the bar soon became a phenomenon.

As luck would have it, a teenage Lily Allen who was working at Plastik introduced Colin’s book to her mother, film producer Alison Owen, who loved it and adapted it as a film with Danny Dyer in his first lead role. After the film’s release, Owen developed a TV series from the book that was screened on Sky One in 2002/3.

Even though Plastik was now breaking records Colin’s passion for writing continued as he published a sequel to his first book. ‘Is Harry Still on the Boat’ was released in 2003 quickly followed by his 3rd book in 2004 called ‘A Bus Could Run You Over’ once again using Ibiza and his personal experiences as the backdrop. This book would eventually go on to become a major motion picture called ‘White Island’ starring Billy Zane and a fitting tribute to the man.

For all his bluster ‘Buttsy’ was a sensitive and private man with a sharp intellect. When he was diagnosed with cancer he vowed to fight the disease with all his might doing his own research into alternative medicine and becoming very knowledgable about the subject. He sold his Ibiza house and moved back to the UK with his beloved dog Chani to get the best possible treatment and care. His attitude was inspiring as he fought to the end with dignity and humility with his great friend Steve Lawrence by his side.

Colin will be fondly remembered by many from his early years in London to his glory days in Ibiza. Not many people can say they made a real difference but Colin was a pioneer in many ways, bridging the Ibiza hierarchy gaps with his experience and personality, bringing a touch of glamour to San Antonio when it needed it most and moving in showbiz circles before social media even existed. He may have looked like an East End gangster on the outside but underneath he was an unassuming and shy gentle giant with a caring nature and a great sense of humour.

He has now exited the stage but through his writings and TV work Colin Butts has left a legacy that can never be taken away. He will be greatly missed.

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

19 thoughts on “Colin Butts: A Tribute”

  1. Thank you so much amigo. Personal tributes continue to flood in with pictures, anecdotes and words of thanks, love and affection.

    It’s overwhelming, but at the same time encouraging to witness first hand the kind of impact that each of us can make through kindness love and respect for each other x.


    1. One of the toughest yet easiest things I’ve ever written. Colin was an inspiration when I first started writing and continues to be so even after his suffering has ended. You were his greatest friend so my thoughts are especially with you at this time x


      1. Hi Martin, a lovely tribute I didn’t know he had such a very full life, I remember the lovely man who took time to talk to my son when he was fighting a short terrible group of cancers. Colin spoke a few time and gave him hope, but the cancer took him in two weeks so he never got to meet Colin. His fight is over perhaps they will meet on another plain . Regard Helen Lloyd xx


  2. Beautiful words Martin for a wonderful person & friend he often spoke of you when we chatted about the villas said then you were a Top man thank you for your tribute today pal & yes Stephen was a rock to Col .


  3. A shock to learn this news. For me Colin was a truly influential Ibiza character, but more than that a warm, sensitive, thoughtful and energised one – facts primarily known to those of San Antonio leanings. I’m sorry not to have known he’d moved back to south east London, so close, but now, sadly, so far. I have only good memories and feelings of every time I met with Colin, be that frantic Ibiza, or a few more becalmed moments in Camberwell and Dulwich.


  4. I’m from Peckham and met Colin on the set of Best laid plans where he was playing a referee in a bare knuckle fight scene I played in🥊
    From then on we stayed friends sadly I never met him sooner tho I’m sure we crossed paths in camberwell you will be missed tho I only knew you a short time I can see why your friends miss you and speak very fondly and highly of you Ibiza will never be the same RIP Sir Colin 🥊


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