1 A ceasefire in the continuing war between the island’s law makers and the entertainment industry and a recognition of how important this sector is in the big scheme of things. Instead of blaming each other for the crime that comes with certain elements put more control on the streets and clean up the island instead of closing and prohibiting.

2 An end to the building ban that has seen growth on the island come to a standstill and licences to reform major projects taking over 2 years. This is unacceptable especially when it will improve things.

3 The fixation with beach clubs coming to an end. The privatisation of Ibiza’s beaches has carried on unabated over the last few years, there’s definitely a place for high end on the island but not at the loss of the the public being able to stretch out on a white piece of sand without having to pay silly money for the ‘privilege’.

4 A new world class golf course. Ibiza’s continual hardline stance against one of the planets most popular pastimes doesn’t make any economical sense with so much land that could be transformed into lush greens. Mallorca, Tenerife and Costa del Sol thrive on this type of tourism especially in low season and winter.

5 Smokeless beaches and public areas. Ibiza’s beaches are being transformed into giant ashtray with cigarette ends covering every square metre of sand. Time for a major re-think to clean up our most important natural commodity before it’s too late.

6 An island wide ban on plastic bags. Plastic is the enemy of this archipelago and laziness is the disease but there can be a cure. Time to be an innovating island and look at recyclable products that will stop marine life suffering and having to wait between 20-1000 years for that supermarket plastic bag to degrade into the earth.

7 Residents to regain more tolerance for tourism. It never used to be this way, previous local generations knew the value of tourism however many of their offspring have grown tired, resenting the holidaymakers that come to the island. Time for a reality check, maybe the government could start running workshops to other not so fortunate destinations so we can finally be thankful?

8 A coherent 10 year plan for vehicles, parking and traffic. Having just spent Christmas in New Delhi I’ve seen a future without making tough decisions and it’s not pretty. It’s chaotic and dangerous and needs addressing rather than waiting for the next generation to solve it.

9 VIP culture to come back to Planet Earth. A social media obsessed world has driven the desire for no expense spared weekends on the White isle but small family businesses are suffering as a result of the same 10 places getting all the trade. Aforementioned businesses need to up their game too but never has the need to spread the wealth been more acutely felt.

10 Ibiza remains as vibrant and Inspirational as always. Regardless of the challenges ahead the island is still a haven for free-thinking people from all over the world who add to it on a daily basis. Yes it’s a lot more expensive than it used to be but that’s the global economy for you. It’s still the best place in the world but you knew that anyway.

A Very Happy New Year, see you in IBIZA 2018

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

One thought on “10 WISHES FOR IBIZA 2018”

  1. Excellent comments/points made and I like your thinking and totally agree 100% agree with number 5 this is something that drives me insane on beaches. I’m coming in September it would be brilliant if this was implemented by then 👍


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