Day v Night: Ibiza’s Battle Royale

Ibiza is constantly evolving and arguably the biggest change over that last few years has been the switch from nighttime to daytime parties.

This specific timeline can be traced back to Ushuaia Beach Hotel opening in 2011 bringing huge production values to a world class venue on the beachfront in Playa den Bossa, all financed by the richest and most powerful family on the island.

Just the mention of the word ‘Ushuaia’ will get many rolling their eyes but there’s no denying its attraction to the paying public and showed that 21st century tourists just want to have fun in the sun.

Like most things there’s always winners and losers and as the daytime parties prospered some nightclubs suffered as their usual customers weren’t in any fit state to go out at night after a full day of partying.

Tensions have been running high between Island venues for a while and it spilled over to an Ibiza Town courtroom last week when the Mayors of San Antonio and San Jose were called before a judge.

Why? Es Paradis and Privilege have jointly lodged a legal complaint against the 2 Mayors for “intentional abandonment” of noise control at certain daytime venues within their respective towns: namely Blue Marlin, Ushuaia, Ibiza Rocks and Ocean Beach.

In typical Ibiza fashion, rather than take a long hard look at their own product Es Paradis and Privilege are accusing the Mayors of turning a blind eye to noise pollution and are also suggesting that by not clamping down they are encouraging it.

It shouldn’t be lost on the story that both clubs started out as open air venues before noise laws forced them to put up a roof. 

In the preliminary proceedings Mayors Josep Mari of San Jose and Josep Tur of San Antonio protested their innocence providing documentation to show the actions they have brought against those who have breached noise regulations in their municipalities. 

Both Mayors appeared a little bewildered on the courtroom steps declaring to the waiting media that the lawsuit “does not make any sense”.

Mari said “The Council of San Jose has taken action many times and cannot be accused of doing nothing against certain premises” saying that he has provided “more than 200 closed files with sanctions filed in the last two years”. “To say that we do not act against noise is an absurdity that only highlights the interests of those who have brought this lawsuit….it has no meaning” insisted the mayor of San Jose.

Josep Tur of San Antonio said “As Mayor, I am not so important as to influence a commercial war between different places of leisure. We want all the premises to comply with the law……the accusations have no basis”.

Privilege and Es Paradís are sticking to their version of events saying that the Mayors “must know what happens in their municipalities” especially when it’s in a public space and the when the noise practically reverberates “throughout the whole town”.

Their formal complaint contained sonometric data and private detective reports on Ushuaia in Playa d’en Bossa, saying that the data means the Mayors must act against noise pollution by enforcing their own regulations.

Superclubs, noise, self interest, private detectives, jealousy, Mayors being taken to court for not doing their jobs properly?  As more daytime venues pop up this is a saga that is set to run and run.  There’s only 1 Ibiza!

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

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