San Antonio for the More Discerning Gentleman 

They say that Ibiza is an ageless destination but what if you are a gentleman of a certain age who still wants to experience San Antonio? Here is a list of do’s and dont’s (or the rules of engagement) for the fifty plus gentleman who just wants to have fun in the sun in Ibiza’s party town.

1. Never go to a club, it’s a nice thought but the late night will wipe you out

2. Don’t worry about No.1: Daytime is the new night time

3. Never expose bare flesh unless swimming

4. Wear what you want: shorts, flip flops, socks and sandals. Ibiza loves free spirits and some youngsters might even think you are “cooool”

5. Don’t despair, there are more older women than you think (normally mums of hens)

6. Day out on a boat is compulsory

7. Lunch at Ocean Beach is recommended – VIP access is vital

8. Stay away from drunken nights in the West End – a quick browse is fine but this ain’t your manor

9. It’s perfectly acceptable to stay in a San An hotel and you don’t have to pay ridiculous prices for a room 

10. Pre-party/Sunset at Mambo/Mint is a must – just don’t get talked into the after show

11. Blue Marlin on a Saturday is a good escape

12. Try to make friends with proprietors or bar owners, they are more your age and you will appear ‘in-the-know’ to younger partygoers

13. Be in bed by 2am at the very latest – it’s a jungle out there after that (Plastik VIP notwithstanding)

14. It’s more about long lunches than long nights. Try a ‘menu del dia’ for less than 10 euros

15. Be proud to tell everyone at home that you are “staying in San An!”

16. Never discuss age

17. When talking to the younger generation try not to say “back in the day”

18. Always mention you are personal friends with someone who owns a boat. Certain ladies seem to respond to this

19. Remember: You can have a good day or a good night but you can rarely have both

20. Never try to defend the West End – it’s just not worth it

21. A night at Pikes, dancing to 80s music in Freddie’s Bar, is compulsory. 

22. San An and surrounding bays have the best beaches on the island (best viewed from a boat)

24. You’re never too old for Ibiza – you just look it 🙂

25. June and September are the best months to  visit

26. Hire a car and discover remote parts of the island. 

27. Spend more time around the hotel pool making friends with your local knowledge, charm and banter. 

28. Don’t try to do too much, conserve energy wherever possible

29. Don’t be afraid to spend money or ‘buy’ friends. It’s Ibiza after all

30. Time is precious so use it well, it’s not a rehearsal

Thanks to Paul Riches for the idea/content. Dedicated to all those who should know better but point blank refuse to give up the ghost (especially Paul, Danny, Nigel, Lee, Kieran, Tom, Peter, Stu, John S, Phil, Dave Bee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, Tich and too many others to mention) 

Copyright: Man in San An 2016 

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

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