Es Vedra Goat Slaughter


After almost 25 years the fabled goats of Es Vedra have now been eradicated from the small islet that lies off the west coast of Ibiza. 5 females and 1 male were introduced to Es Vedra in 1992 however the Balearic and Island governments have now decided to get rid of them to “recover the native flora of the rock”. 

After consultation it was decided that the best way was to kill them rather than remove them so yesterday (4 Feb 2016) environmental agents sailed over to the islet and at 8am began shooting all the helpless creatures. By 2pm their grisly task was complete although they will return today to ensure that none were missed in the cull. 

The slain animals will be left on Es Vedra to decompose naturally as it was also deemed too dangerous to remove the carcasses even though this is technically against the law (according to Ley 8/2003 de Sanidad Animal).

Caterina Amengual, Director of Natural Areas and Biodiversity for the Balearic Department of Environment (belonging to the environmentalist coalition ‘MES per Mallorca’) said “it’s a question of priorities and the conservation of ecosystems is a priority. We have an obligation to protect natural areas”. 

The Ibiza Insular Minister of Environment, Miquel Vericad of GUANYEM EIVISSA, congratulated the Balearic Government for the decision to remove the goats commenting “We have a duty to protect our heritage, which makes it unique to Es Vedra and Ibiza.”

Some local residents are very upset about the decision especially as the same government recently proudly announced that the Balearics were ‘anti-bull fighting’. Ibiza residents are well known for their love of all animals so they are decrying this as double standards.

The goats of Es Vedra could be clearly seen from sailing vessels and were part of the myth and aura of the rock. I myself have spent many hours moored around Es Vedra trying to convince friends aboard that the goats actually existed. Sometimes we left without seeing them but many times we were able to spot some of the herd carefully traversing the steep rock face. It’s an extremely sorry end to a story that I often told and always put a smile on my face (especially when I was proved right over the doubters).

The Balearic & Ibiza government have been unequivocal in saying that this was the best course of action in protecting one of Ibiza’s most famous landmarks but a small light has gone out on the mythical rock and you can’t help thinking they have taken the easiest and cheapest option. Delivering death to Es Vedra is not good Karma but the environmental experts know what they are doing after all, don’t they?

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

13 thoughts on “Es Vedra Goat Slaughter”

  1. Ive been visiting ibiza for over15 year and have seen the goats a few time when on boat trips, im shocked and sickened by this news , its not as if es vedra was over run by them just a load of board men wanting some entertainment by going out on a hunting trip to kill little animals that wouldent harm anyone this has made me think again where I will go this year on holiday .


  2. May the souls of this family rest in peace. A family who were introduced to their home by humans, and have had their lives brutally ended in a genocide killing ordered by the same group of humans… “to recuperate the flora”…. apparently their new priority, in preserving some kind of image of touristic value (and monetary, perhaps, I speculate)….

    Imagine, for one moment… If we were to take such an action, to the human beings who live in areas of environmental destruction using the same excuse.

    Perhaps that is just what this planet needs…….

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  3. You need much more information. Anyway I think it is stupid to compare anti bull fighting with this dangerous ecological problem.


  4. Short sighted arrogance without a thought to consultation for a better outcome – thoroughly disappointed in people who have responsibility for governance


  5. The rational might have some logic if the goats are damaging the environment of Es Vedra, but surely they could have come up with a more humane way to deal with it, typical political response and lack of exploring other solutions.


  6. Ibiza residents are well known for their love of all animals so they are decrying this as double standards.
    They have taken the easiest and cheapest option. Delivering death to Es Vedra is not good Karma


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