New 5 Star Hotel Signals the Way Forward for San Antonio and Ibiza

Reco des Sol, San Antonio, Ibiza

Reco des Sol is a fairly non-descript hotel in San Antonio. In fact you’ve probably never even noticed it but it’s there in all it’s 90s glory. This is about to change. This hotel has now been granted a licence to undergo a radical facelift and become San Antonio’s latest 5 star hotel that will incorporate the prime piece of land that is currently used as the parking area for O Beach.

Work starts very soon and once finished this new stunning 5-star complex with it’s raised position will dominate the eye-line and will totally change the dynamic of this area where San Antonio meets the entrance to San Antonio Bay which already has three existing 4 star hotels (Bellamar, Hawaii & Ocean Beach) within a few hundred metres of each other. A new 5 star hotel complex kicks things up several notches.

This exciting development is the direction that the new Ibiza is heading in like a runaway train. The unquenchable desire for luxury accommodation driven by a more discerning, mainly adult demographic who want to experience the legendary Ibiza hedonism but also want a stylish base to do it from and more importantly are prepared to pay a premium for the experience.

The fact that San Antonio is now ticking these boxes should come as no surprise. A resort that’s been undervalued for decades, a victim of its 80’s notoriety but is now punching with the big boys on every level. OKU hotel and TRS, both 5 star hotels, have recently opened in Cala Gració with incredibly successful results that haven’t gone unnoticed. There’s still work to be done but Ibiza’s 2nd largest town is undergoing its own transformation.

To throw more fuel on the hedonistic inferno, a certain establishment not a million miles away from Reco des Sol is rumoured to be heavily involved in the new complex that will create a unique vibe for that area and really set the tone for San Antonio’s immediate future.

How the island has changed, a relentless surge upwards for over a decade. As other destinations have discovered you have to change or stagnate. Ultimately the market decides on the direction and Ibiza (which has never been slow on the uptake) has grasped it with both hands. It’s not to everyone’s taste but results don’t lie and 2022 was a record yield for luxury hotels with a seemingly insatiable thirst for high end products on the White Isle.

The vibes are good, the Island is on a forward trajectory few could have foreseen. Expect more announcements over the coming weeks and months that will set the tone for the next decade.

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

2 thoughts on “New 5 Star Hotel Signals the Way Forward for San Antonio and Ibiza”

  1. People spending that kind of money also want excellent service, where are the bartenders, waitstaff, housekeeping staff etc supposed to live? Very few of these employees will make over 1200 euros a month, barely enough to rent a 1 bedroom apartment, if they can even find one. How long are the wealthy going to keep paying for top service and not getting it? People are quick to point out how expensive rent is in London, Madrid, Barcelona… the difference is that workers can live on the outskirts, where rents are cheaper and commute to work… there are no outskirts in Ibiza.

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