Busy September for Ibiza

We have seen another manic August come and go on the White Isle. The island was over 90% occupied during the busiest month with numerous nationalities enjoying themselves with packed beaches and restaurants there for all to see. Ibiza is now a truly international destination.

Even in these difficult times some businesses have thrived with the new regulations, maximising their time management and workforce. Restaurants are the new nightclubs, eating out is the ‘new’ thing to do. Dancing in chairs has become the norm…for now.

During the peak season the Brits have been noticeable by their lower numbers compared to previous years. The traditional British market is important to the island but none more so than San Antonio which had to find ways to diversify its market when the British government all but banned international travel up until the start of July with its convoluted quarantine requirements

Now we are well into September, the month that Brits usually arrive in big numbers and 2021 looks like it might follow suit, relatively speaking of course. Prices come down, the kids are back to school, the island becomes a little calmer as it takes a breather after the ‘chaos’ of August.

Summer 2021 has once again been affected by travel restrictions and even though Ibiza airport is showing stats similar to 2019, final tourist numbers will be down due to lower load factors but any spike in late season demand is more than welcome and further proof that the island is well on the way to recovery. Ibiza Town is as busy as ever with San Antonio and the Bay still ticking over.

If the weather continues to be good then we could see unprecedented numbers arriving in October as travellers rediscover their mojo and come to the realisation that flying isn’t as difficult as portrayed by the media. Some airlines are already offering direct international flights well into November

In a seasonal economy a strong finish to the summer can make a big difference and the hope now is that as local restrictions ease and international travel becomes more accessible, September, October and possibly even November can be the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake in a year that started without us even knowing if summer 2021 was ever going to happen.

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

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