Ibiza Clubs won’t open….so what are you waiting for?

The nature of clubbing is close contact, being together with a crowd so, under the circumstances, it was always going to be one of the last things to go back to normal.

It was a badly kept secret that the Ibiza super clubs probably weren’t going to open this summer but the news still hit hard, the clubbing scene is part of the fabric of the island, it’s woven into it’s soul. It’s disappointing but life on the White Isle will go on and, although some might tell you differently, there is definitely more to Ibiza than the super clubs.

More important right now is the connectivity so tourists can actually get here. The announcement last Saturday that Spain will open its borders next week, a week earlier than expected caught many (including myself) by surprise but reflects the Spanish government’s need to kick start the ecomony with tourism being top of it’s priority list.

The fact that, along with most of the Schengen area, the UK is included on the list of countries welcome to enter Spain from 22 June tells it’s own story especially as the UK is several weeks behind the rest of Europe and still hasn’t got the virus under complete control but it’s a straightforward risk/reward situation for the Spanish Government, ban tourism for longer and the country will suffer more hardship, open up in time for the peak summer season and hope that it’s citizens can scrape enough money together to get through a long winter while avoiding another spike.

They might give us an edge but the Ibiza brand is so much more than clubs and this new scenario might give smaller businesses who’ve previously been suffocated a better chance of success. There will be a big gap in the market but the island has plenty of entrepreneurs who specialise in coming up with new ideas to keep the paying public occupied and happy. The Ibiza 2020 experience will be different but it will still be inescapably Ibiza.

Sunrises, delicious food, beautiful sandy beaches, glorious sunshine, amazing vistas, cool bars, crystal clear waters, chilled beach clubs, magical sunsets, friendly locals (who will appreciate tourists like never before), an island steeped in culture and heritage where the beautiful people love to hang out, an island that will still keep serving up magic like it has for many decades and did long before ‘Ushuaia’ became more than a city in southern Argentina.

This summer will be different but there will be a summer and after the dark days of virtual house arrest only a few weeks ago it feels amazing just to be able to say that. Ignore the negative people, this really is THE year to discover one of the most beautiful places on earth so book a ticket, open your mind and prepare to fall in love all over again.

Ibiza is the guilty pleasure that you can’t ignore, this year it might be a little more demure but rest assured it still has that naughty glint in it’s eye.

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

8 thoughts on “Ibiza Clubs won’t open….so what are you waiting for?”

  1. “…it might be a little more demure but rest assured it still has that naughty glint in it’s eye.”

    You could be talking about yourself!!


  2. Thanks again for keeping us informed.
    I, personally dont need clubs, its the island and it’s people that draw me back year after year.
    Perhaps with clubs closed, the local bars will do better and the san antonio bay area may, for once be busy??
    Unfortunately most Brits can only afford ibiza for a weekend, I would like a two week holiday, but it’s way to expensive. I certainly dont see any discounts to encourage us back and I’m not prepared to share a place with 4 others!!
    However, what I do need, is to book some reasonable accommodation, without having to take out another mortgage to pay for it!! What’s going on with ibiza prices?? Why does nobody ever mention the cost of ibiza?
    Come on Ibiza, we want to come back, adjust your prices. Help us out, we’re not all millionaires !

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  3. I’m thinking about still doing Ibiza this year to do things I wouldnt normally get chance to (usually clubbing every night). It will be the mrs’ first time though so unsure as i’d want her to get the full experience. What would be on your list of things to do without the clubs? This is what I have so far

    PDB Beach Bars (Bora Bora, Sands, Delano)
    Mambos sunset
    Day trip to Formentera beach
    Es Vedra viewpoint sunset
    An evening in Ibiza Town/bars by the harbour
    S’escalinata Eivissa for a Mojito (been before)
    Find the best beach, Cala Salada?

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    1. Guided walks in nature to some of the best stunningly beautiful locations on the island with Walking Ibiza. Also kayaking. Community walks every week to suit all levels and private walks can be booked as well.


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