Cathy Guetta Opens New Ibiza Beach Club 

F**K ME I’m opening a beach club
Cathy Guetta has finally thrown off the shadow of her famous ex-husband and entered into the busy Ibiza daytime market by opening ‘Bagatelle Beach Ibiza’ an über-exclusive beach club located at Cala Moli, a small cove on the west coast of the island.

Last Friday’s official opening party saw a mixed crowd of 500 being wined, dined and entertained marking a new era for a beach that once hosted Club 18-30 beach parties. How times change!

The ex-wife of DJ David Guetta has always been credited with having a sharp business brain and has been an Ibiza summer resident for many years (see my previous blog). She started one of the island’s most iconic parties – F**k Me I’m Famous – with her husband but has now gone it alone and brought the ‘Bagatelle’ brand to the White Isle. The upmarket brand already has clubs open in places such as St Tropez, Miami and Punto del Este (so you get the idea). 

Whilst some rejoice at the new addition to the Ibiza exclusive market some residents are unhappy that another quiet retreat has been taken over by a noisy beach club. Social media, the new voice of the ‘little’ people, came alive with residents complaining about the levels of noise coming from Ms Guettas opening party. ‘Prou’ (a local residents action group) uploaded videos showing high decibels into the early hours which goes against strict local laws on noise however no official complaints were received. 

Over recents years there’s been a backlash by Ibiza residents against beach clubs as public spaces to lay down your towel and relax have been superseded by big day beds with a ‘minimum spend’ of several hundred euros and security guards ordering people not to sit in certain places on a public beach. 

Time will tell if ‘Bagatelle Beach Ibiza’ will become popular in an already saturated market but for now the thirst for high end beach clubs seems to know no bounds. 

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

6 thoughts on “Cathy Guetta Opens New Ibiza Beach Club ”

  1. As an older person and an occasional visitor to lovely Ibiza, I do wonder just how many of these premium beaches one island can support. Kids who spend hundreds of euros on visiting a place like this will have little disposable income left to spend elsewhere – for example, with small traders and shops scraping a living rather than these large corporate operators. And don’t get me started on the noise!


    1. What’s amazing to me is that certain places breed certain behaviour. The same person will go to a beach club and spend hundreds of euros and then go to another place and quibble over pennies. I blame social media haha


  2. Lets be honest here. Ibiza is the mecca of music, people fly from all over the world to be in a club listening to the top DJ’s playing. It has and always will be a holiday destination, the beaches are incredible, the clubs are fun and create for some people the most amazing experiences of their lives. I understand from one side that Ibiza is a beautiful island and we would preserve that. However for those of us that live here all year round. We have 6 months from Oct of total peace and it’s heaven, so I just don’t get all the complaining from people about the music being to loud!?! Its 6 months of the year!!
    People just need to live and let live, enjoy the beats and chill out.


    1. Disagree as a person that lives here all year round. These types of places are ruining Ibiza and as time goes by it WILL lose its beautiful attraction and be an island for only those people with money to throw away who think they are “something” special …. another step in the wrong direction. As somebody who lives very close to a beach club that I won’t name, 6 months only isn’t just 6 months when you’re trying to work and live your life in between a hectic schedule!!


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