Rise of the 5 Stars


Do you remember the time when the really big hotel names wouldn’t touch Ibiza because of its short season? They came and had a look then ended up in Barcelona or Dominican Republic or the Canaries where the season was longer and the licences were ‘easier’ to obtain.

How things have changed and this has been seen yet again by the news that the iconic Hotel Montesol in Vara de Rey, slap bang in the middle of Ibiza Town, will open in May 2016 as the 5 star Hilton Gran Hotel Montesol with 36 ‘super luxury’ rooms, down from the original 55 rooms to conform to the new laws governing 5 star establishments. 

The Montesol’s history is etched deep in the the islands soul so it’s an important announcement but as some bemoan Ibiza’s journey towards a mini Las Vegas others feel it’s an exciting leap forward offering quality rooms all year round. However expect prices to be in line with other Ibiza 5 star establishments where junior suites can fetch 500 euros per night even in the low season.

The Montesol news and the ongoing planning application to turn the neigbouring Serra Cinema into a 60 plus room, 5 star hotel will see a total regeneration of the Vara de Rey city centre area increasing the prestige reputation of the island and its capital. 

Yet again the roadmap can be traced back to Ushuaia as the game changer. It proved that fun and the pursuit of money could be combined to give a world class experience at premium prices that the clients were more than happy to pay for. Ushuaia showed that Ibiza hotels could yield as much in 4 months as other destinations can only dream of in 12 but it also let the cat out of the bag that quality in Ibiza brings rewards hence why the big boys have come sniffing (if you pardon the phrase). 

With Mambo Group purchasing Hostal La Torre to offer sunset and rooms, Ibiza Rocks finally buying Pikes and carrying on the Rock and Roll tradition and Es Vive doing their own cool chic thing in Figueretas the island is now more well served than ever at all levels of boutique hostelry. Throw in Hard Rock Hotel, Ocean Beach Hotel, Ibiza Gran, Atzaro, Fenicia to name but a very few and things are looking very rosy indeed for a decent bed for the night. Just don’t forget your credit card (but you can leave your sensibilities at home). Bienvenido a Ibiza. 

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

6 thoughts on “Rise of the 5 Stars”

  1. Originally opened in 1934,the Monte Sol is Ibiza’s first hotel.Eighty years on it is set to further embed itself into Ibizan history…….it’s not just Madonna that’s able to reinvent itself!


  2. Sounds exciting as that building is so beautiful, shame it wasn’t a independent owner but I’m they will do a fine job!


  3. Stunning building, loved to sit outside with a coffee or a cold beer just watching the people of ibiza go by…..,was gutted when we were in ibiza in April to see it all closed……can’t wait to see it finished, I hope Hilton keep the original features. …….


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