Open Letter to the Daily Mail


Dear Daily Mail/Mail Online

On Saturday 20 September 2015 your journalist Nicholas Kynaston wrote an article about how good Ibiza is in September. All positive you might think however the article headline stated “avoid one resort in particular like the plague” and went on further to explain “if you want to avoid the worst of the ‘Brits Abroad’ excesses steer clear of San Antonio

Here is his article in full:

Now as sweeping statements go this is right up there with ‘all men are slobs’ or ‘white guys can’t dance’. As everyone knows only some men are slobs, Fred Astaire had fantastic rhythm and San Antonio has some amazing things to see and do (unless, of course, you are a Daily Mail journalist on a free jolly up to Ibiza writing specifically about places that contributed to you being there). 

I have no issue with journos having freebie trips to Ibiza and shouting about the establishments dishing out free food and drink but an overall balance and context is needed at all times, a general idea of the island dynamic would also be helpful. It has been alleged that your journalist Mr Kynaston came to Ibiza in June not September, didn’t even do some of the things he wrote extensively about and went nowhere near San Antonio. If this is true then when it comes to shoddy, irresponsible journalism then this wins 1st prize. It’s uninformed and more worryingly it puts good people’s livelihoods at stake. 

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m perfectly aware that some parts of San Antonio aren’t to everyone’s taste but to make generalisations about a tourist destination that is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every summer is absurd especially when you are writing for one of the UK’s major publications.

I formally invite Mr Kynaston to come back to Ibiza and let us show him around San Antonio and once he has seen everything he can then rewrite a balanced article. Only then will it have the credibility that the tourists and businesses of San Antonio and Ibiza deserve.

Yours faithfully

Martin Makepeace 

p.s. Definition of a ‘sweeping statement’: a statement presented as a general truth but based on limited or incomplete evidence. 

Author: Martin Makepeace

Englishman living and working in Ibiza since 1991. Entrepreneur with a passion for villas, boats, sunsets and San Antonio. Read my blogs, listen to my podcasts and catch me on Radio One Mallorca every Tuesday morning.

7 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Daily Mail”

  1. Martin I love your blog always
    Spot on and such an insightful read with every post. The daily mail on the other hand and the people who write for it are not worth the paper it’s printed on, not just re ibiza re pretty much everything; well done you for calling them out… Shoddy, irresponsible and quite frankly pathetic


    1. And let’s not forget where this “newspaper” comes from – Lord Rothermere and his family who pay little or no UK tax and are just a Tory mouthpiece – maybe just a scottish thing but surely the least respectable newspaper in the world – they disgust me. Ps – sorry for the rant, always enjoy your blogs


  2. I lived in Ibiza in San Antonio Bay for a long time and ran a bar there. It is a beautiful island. There is no need to go anywhere near the west end or the clubs unless you really want to and there are just as many clubs in Playa de Bossa and Ibiza town but you don’t hear about them. I love Ibiza especially when all the idiots you refer to have gone home.


  3. Agree, total disgrace. Good to see so many people continuing to pick up on the complete nonsense the UK media choose to publish via online blogs, websites etc. Hopefully one day people will see through clowns like this guy.


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