Health Checks for (nearly) all Balearic Arrivals

From 20 December a negative PCR test is required to enter the Balearic Islands, not only for International visitors but now also for national travellers from the mainland. Balearic Island residents will also be given the option of undergoing a free antigen test on arrival or spending 10 days in quarantine.

The news was announced by Francina Armengol, president of the Balearic Government, after a virtual meeting with her Canary Islands counterpart, Ángel Víctor Torres, aimed at agreeing on a common health control strategy for both autonomous communities whilst also highlighting that the same geographical conditions that make the islands less competitive are now their biggest asset when it comes to sanitary control.

It’s important to remember that you will still need to have a valid negative PCR test (from max 72 hours before your arrival) if you are travelling from an international airport, the new control protocol establishes 3 different groups of ‘national’ visitors from non-Balearic ports and airports.

The 1st group is for arrivals (non-residents) from Spanish airports with a cumulative incidence of infections greater than 150 per 100,000 inhabitants (currently everywhere except Murcia, Canary Islands and Ceuta), who must present a negative PCR test certificate on arrival if asked, carried out no later than 72 hours before arrival with fines for those who don’t have one.

The 2nd group is for travellers with ‘justified’ reasons such as work, health, judicial duties, exams and other causes of force majeure. In this case it will be enough to present a responsible declaration and to have an antigen test on arrival or agree to undergo quarantine. All of this would be unnecessary if they have of a negative PCR test as above.

The 3rd group is for Balearic residents who will have 3 options. The 1st is to get a free PCR test at origin in one of the 67 health centres arranged by the Balearic Government in the other autonomous communities, this is the recommended option. The other 2 options are to have an antigen test at the port or airport or undergo a 10 day quarantine.

Balearic residents who have spent less than 72 hours outside the Islands (day trippers/weekend traffic) would be exempt from any of these controls plus there is also an exemption for federated sports people who travel due to competition obligations.

It should be noted that children from 0 to 6 years old are exempt as are residents who travel between islands.

The new regulations will come into force on 20 December and will last until at least 10 January 2021 although the government reserves the right to extend if necessary.

Original article published in El Mundo

Author: Martin Makepeace

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